Nuzest launches multi-nutrient smoothie for kids

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Nuzest has launched a multi-nutrient mint-choc smoothie designed specifically for children aged four years and over.  Kids Good Stuff delivers all the essential vitamins and minerals for healthy growth, development and learning—plus greens, veggies, berries, pre- and probiotics, digestive enzymes and other trace nutrients.

“We know that many people struggle to get their children to eat the recommended five serves of vegetables and three of fruit every day* —with greens being particularly unpopular with younger kids,”  said Nuzest NZ director Geoff Ashenden.  “So we’ve developed Kids Good Stuff to provide parents with a tasty, appealing, easy product that offers comprehensive nutritional support for kids.”

What’s in Kids Good Stuff?

Kids Good Stuff is a powdered blend of more than 60 ingredients including super-foods like blueberries, broccoli sprouts, spinach, spirulina, kelp and red marine algae; and is fortified with pea protein and 24 vitamins and minerals in their most effective, easily absorbed form.

“Our formulation has been designed to deliver ingredients in their food forms wherever possible” said Kids Good Stuff co-formulator and nutrition expert, Cliff Harvey.  “These contain important co-factors to aid absorption, use and efficacy”.

“That’s why key nutrients such as vitamin B12, vitamin B9 (folate) and vitamin D3 are present in their naturally occurring, bio-active forms, rather than less expensive yet less effective forms that are commonly found in children’s multivitamins.”

Kids Good Stuff supplies vitamin A (for immune support) and vitamin E (to fight off bacteria and viruses) in their wide-ranging multiple forms found in food.  These varied forms underpin complex biological inter-reactions in the body that cannot be supported by single standard forms of each nutrient.

“This is why we can genuinely say Kids Good Stuff supports children’s health, learning and development,” continued Cliff Harvey.  “Most children’s products contain single, isolated forms of each nutrient but Kids Good Stuff supplies a wide range of different forms of key nutrients.”


Kids Good Stuff is allergy-friendly with no gluten, egg, dairy, soy or nuts and is free from GMOs’, additives, preservatives and added sugar.  One 15g daily serve goes a long way towards helping children meet or exceed the recommended daily intake (RDI) for 21 vitamins and minerals.

To make a Kids Good Stuff smoothie just add your favourite chilled milk or water and shake, blend or stir and serve!  Kids Good Stuff is not a meal replacement but is designed to add a multi-nutrient boost, helping to fill the gaps in children’s diets.

*Reference: 2007 Australian National Children’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Survey