Your Guide To Healthy Weight Management (ebook)

Your Guide To Healthy Weight Management (ebook)


Do you struggle to find balance and maintain a healthy weight? Confused over what foods you should be consuming? The Guide To Healthy Weight is a simple, 28-day self-motivated challenge with nutrition and lifestyle tips for weight management.


Written in association with registered clinical nutritionists Dr Cliff Harvey, Bella Marinkovich and Heather Rieger (BTech, Food), the Guide To Healthy Weight provides you with easy-to-understand tools and information including:

-A visual meal matrix highlighting key food groups for weight management, meal plans and weekly check-ins to track your progress.

-Information on the importance of adequate sleep and regular exercise to support a healthy weight.

-Everyday Recipe Book which contains 8 delicious recipes with gluten free, dairy free, soy free, nut free and vegan options. 

-A Beyond The Smoothie Recipe Book with a collection of recipes to inspire and support you on your health journey, written by Kerry Locatelli BNat


Start your 28-day journey today to get the best of you!


This guide is a downloadable pdf. Not available in hard copy.