NuZest Chocolate Protein Pudding
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Chocolate Protein Pudding

Dairy Free Gluten Free Meal_Dessert Product_clean-lean-protein


2 bananas

1 cup frozen berries of your choice

½ cup soaked almonds

¼ cup desiccated coconut

6 tbsp Nuzest Rich Chocolate Clean Lean Protein

1 tsp honey

½ tsp lemon juice

Pinch of salt

Looking for a little chocolate fix without the guilt? Our chocolate protein pudding recipe is going to satisfy your craving and give you a little extra protein too. A delicious, creamy treat made with bananas, berries and almonds for a healthy but decadent dessert.

1. Blend everything together until smooth.

2. Add spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom etc) to taste and as desired.

Time: 5 mins
Serves: 4