Chocolate Caramel Filled Coconut Bites
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Chocolate Caramel Filled Coconut Bites

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60g dates (soaked)

1tbsp water

1tbsp pure maple syrup

2 scoops Nuzest Rich Chocolate Clean Lean Protein

1 tbsp cacao powder

1tsp organic chocolate spread

4tsp coconut flour

1tbsp rice malt syrup

2 1/2 tbsp macadamia meal or almond

4tbsp coconut milk

2tsp coconut oil melted

Delicious chocolate caramel filled coconut bites recipe from our friends at Clean Treats.

1. Soak for twenty minutes in a cup the dates with water.

2. Combine in a mini food processor your filling ingredients with only 1tbsp of the reserved soaking water

3. Weigh out 12x 10g bites and roll into balls. Place in the fridge while you wait.

4. For the coconut stir all together into a bowl and weigh out 20g for each ball. Flatten out and place your filling in the middle and roll the coconut around.

5. Continue and store in the fridge.

This recipe originally appeared on Clean Treats follow Nicole on Facebook.

Time: 10 mins
Serves: 12