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Stay In Your Lane, There's NO Traffic There

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Can I ask you a couple of questions? It won't take long.

Have you started 2017 with the intention of putting your health as a priority? Resolutions set? Has the exercise wheel started to turn? Or is the mountain peak of weight loss, shredded muscles and nutritional mastery too high to climb?

OR are you currently an absolute weapon? Fit as f$%, hungry, driven, focused, and a deadlifting muscle Mary with lifestyle choices dialed in?

BUT! You find yourself looking for an edge, a secret, you're always pushing the envelope, crushing your boundaries, but you're chasing more.

If you answered yes to the above, I may have an answer for you...

However, could I tell you a quick story first?

Well, this month is the second anniversary of when myself and two friends broke a world record, January 2015 in Cairns Far North QLD.

Breaking a world record generally requires some boots and some grit, no matter what it is. The difficulty lies purely in the fact that its a World Record, its never going to be easy.

We performed 4267 Burpee broad jumps each, across a distance of 8.5km and over 22.5 hours. In Cairns. In January. On the Esplanade. To say it was HOT! would be the most magnificent understatement of 2015.

Checkout the FB page "The Burpee Ten Thousand" for credibility: https://www.facebook.com/burpeetenthousand/

If you're reading this, and you can sympathise with the movement pattern of a burpee, you could more than likely also relate to the dreaded Burpee broad jump, which is like a conventional burpee but on steroids.

I would go as far to say if you have had a crack at few burpee broad jumps, even 100m of them, 400m of them or dabbled in the odd burpee mile, contemplating doing 4267 reps would be about as fun as sticking pins in your eyes, smearing them with lemon juice, and snorting salt. This is actually how the Burpee Ten thousand felt at times.

Now if you asked me would I do this again? The answer would be simple.

You would have more chance of getting me to fly in the air.

So why was January 2015 different to now?

Back then was a period in my life where I was hungry, driven, time rich, and willing to hurt.

Intensity was my friend and spending time in physical pain caves was merciless yet righteous, and I also had friends who were on the same journey.

Fast forward 2 years.

It's January 2017. Sunshine Coast. 2nd anniversary of "The Burpee Ten Thousand", and I'm a Gym Owner, trainer to over 100 members at JMT, loving life, living my passion purpose and wondering how do the "FIT" stay hungry, driven, and focused, and how do the "UNFIT" do the same.

I have found myself reflecting on the different lanes we are all in, how do we stay there, how do we change lanes? And what are some processes and strategies?

Below are some suggestions, tools, and recommendations for those in their current lanes.

We have the new to fitness, the novice, the scared, self aware, timid, and uncommitted. Trust me even the fittest, fastest, strongest person you think you know was here, they just eventually changed lanes.

And of course the veteran, the weapon, the fit, devoted, confident and well muscled human, roaring down their side of the road in search of the open speed limit. How do I get faster, stronger and leaner?


  1. Embody your journey. Be all about it. If you're ready for change and you've flicked the switch, then do it! Make your reason for chasing health and fitness so so strong that when all the FB and Instagram MEMES lose their shine, your reason sprinkles a timely reminder to push on.
  2. Your vibe attracts your tribe. Surround yourself with those on the same or similar journey to you. If your circle of friends and family aren't going in the same direction, make them!

Burden shared is a burden halved. Be their inspiration, share some perspiration, and oooooooze motivation.

  1. Know that this new lane is like that of a roller coast track, it will go up down, sideways and invert. This new lane, roller coaster ride is life. It changes direction temporarily.

Truth is that is part of the fun, the journey, the intrigue.

If your roller coaster just went in a nice straight path, no ups downs, dips and twists. it would be pretty damn boring. And you would most likely want a refund, or never ride again.

In simple terms, a slip up, an ice cream, a greasy burger is not the end. Start again tomorrow and don't give up.


  1. Ask yourself before a workout "Today how much am I willing to hurt?" Commit to your commitment to train, honour it and get to work! If you're feeling good, you're on, you are in your ZONE! Pour the petrol on, rip your environment apart.

Because it won't be pretty, it won't be a spectator event, but man you will be EMPOWERED and unbreakable!

  1. Simple tactics. At the point of exhaustion, for example when you're at your 21st rep of a very crushing and demoralising deadlift, place the bar down, take 1-2 steps back re address the bar, and get back to work.

The amount of time I personally have taken with unneeded rest, popped the bar down, checked my phone, had a drink, re chalked my hands, hopped back on the bar, 45-60 sec would have passed. The moment for more intensity, more fitness had passed.

STAY IN YOUR LANE!!! Stay on the task at hand, and give your training session, your time, and the focus it deserves.

Watch your fitness soar!!!

  1. Like the Burpee Ten Thousand. This was a saving grace.

At the point of absolute despair, exhaustion, and at the edge of your red line, you do 3 more reps NO MATTER WHAT.

Like your life literally depended on it. 3 More reps! Give it 3 more reps, into the acidic pits of your deepest sinew and lactic acid filled meat, 3 more glorious reps.