Melissa's Tips To Stay Motivated in The New Year
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Melissa's Tips To Stay Motivated in The New Year

New Year New Me!

If you like many others are working towards big wellness goals in 2021, you may want to spend some time working on a strategy that will keep you motivated all the way through.

The ultra endurance & Nuzest Ambassador Melissa have been competing in triathlon for the past 15 years, moving to ultra racing in the past 5 years. Melissa was the 2nd female to do Epic 5 in 2017 and then the first woman to do Uberman Ultra distance triathlon in October last year. With her impressive endurance achievements we spoke to Melissa to find out how she stays motivation to train and stay healthy. See her best tips below!

Melissa’s tips to staying motivated:

  1. Have an accountability partner, this can be someone virtually who checks in or physically meets up with you to do some exercise together

  2. Plan ahead!! Get your clothes out the night before or at the door when you walk in from work.

  3. Decide ahead of time what you are committing to. Make the decision that when the alarm goes off in the morning that you will get up. Don't allow yourself time to think if you really want to get up as you likely won't and stay in bed!
  1. Avoid the couch when you get home from work. Get your workout in before you sit down. Then you don't have to make a decision to get up, it has already been made for you.

Staying motivated means that you need to set yourself specific goals and Melissa’s shares an insight into her goal setting:

  • I like to have a goal that is big and scary but also excites me
  • Find your criteria for a goal. Is it going to push you? Is it going to be fun? Can you share the experience with others?
  • Find smaller goals that you can set along the way to your big goal so you have ways to have success before you get to your big goal.
  • Commit to it. Tell other people about it so you are accountable to your goal.
  • Make sure you celebrate when you do achieve your small goals and then the main goal. You have worked hard to get to this point!
  • Find your reason why. Why do you want to do this goal? What do you want to get out of it? If you have a clear why, you can then look back on it to help keep moving forward if you get to a time when your motivation is starting to waiver.

Melissa is a big fan of the amazing Good Green Vitality.
"It helps boost my immune system and means I don't have to take a bunch of supplements to balance out my diet. I believe it keeps me fit and healthy when I have an intense training load. Clean Lean Protein helps with my recovery from sessions. I take it twice a day and find if I don't have it, my recovery isn't as quick."

Melissa Urie - Ultra Endurance Triathlete - @rangamel