How to Enjoy Christmas Mindfully
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How to Enjoy Christmas Mindfully

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During the holiday period our normal routine and habits get disrupted. Often, we use this period as a time to let go and indulge, leaving us to feel not so jolly. Here are 5 tips to ensure you remain in control, happy and healthy.

1. Mindful eating. With so many nice things to eat over the festive season, *cue nans pavlova and roast*, it is often easy to experience sensory overload, resulting in a mindless binge on chips and wine whilst chatting to loved ones. Practicing being mindful and present in the moment will allow your body to recognise its natural hunger levels, stopping yourself before you suddenly feel ill. Indulging is a form of self-care and it is important that you do not deprive yourself from the memories and experience, however, by not over doing it you will be able to connect and embrace the silly season with no regrets.

2. Chew your food properly. Chewing your food is not a new phenomenon to anyone, but it is definitely something that we might skimp on when we get caught up in the bustling Christmas spirit. Chewing your food properly has a multitude of benefits. It’ll help you enjoy your food properly. It will prevent you from eating so much that you feel ill, as your body will have more time to acknowledge just how much it has eaten. It will also help to prevent feeling sluggish and bloated after a meal, as chewing is the first and one of the most important steps in proper digestion.

3. Experience your five senses fully. Focus on how you perceive each sense in its entirety. What can you taste, smell, hear, look or feel? This will help you to be more present in the moment, without distractions or ‘noisy thoughts’ crowding the day that only comes around once per year.

4. Get up and move. Make an effort to walk, play games and dance! These are all fun ways to move that can be made into a family occasion. Walk down to the beach, play football, dance to cheesy Christmas carols and let loose. Movement will help the excess sodium and alcohol pass and also prompt your lymphatic system to work on eliminating anything your body doesn’t need to store sooner.

5. But also know when to slow down and just enjoy. The holidays only come around once a year, and life is busy. Remember to take deep breaths, absorb your surroundings and try to make the most of the holidays, however you choose to celebrate. Remember Christmas is a time for giving, gratitude and time with your loved ones. Being present and mindful will help you to create longer lasting memories, beginning the year relaxed and refreshed.