Fake it Till They Make it by Mel Campbell
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Fake it Till They Make it by Mel Campbell

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Fake it Till They Make it

by Mel Campbell

Fussy eaters.

We all know one, or live with one.

I’m often fighting a losing battle with what my kids will eat. I keep telling myself that they will grow out of it, and that eventually they’ll like all of the green things.

I was never a fan of hiding nutritious healthy ingredients in plain sight, that it was better to expose them to a wide range of foods and be open and honest. But who am I kidding? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So I find myself in that in-between spot, you know, that “you’ll eat what I make you” hard line and cooking what you know they’ll eat, even If it’s the same bland thing most nights (the haven’t-got-the-energy position).

Believe me, there’s been days where I’ve taken the hard line and persisted for weeks, only to have wasted food, ‘hangry’ kids and be totally exhausted at the end of it. The mere sound of the word “vegetables” would send them running for the hills.

Enter Nuzest KIDS GOOD STUFF – a multivitamin smoothie JAM-PACKED with the goodness they need to fill the nutritional gaps in their diets – essential vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes, plus prebiotics, probiotics and more. The best part? It tastes like a regular milkshake – which is BLOODY AMAZING.

The perfect complement to an imperfect diet.

To the kids, it’s a special protein smoothie before school, packed with everything they need to support concentration and learning, containing very little sugar. I sometimes even mix it in a bowl with yogurt, natural oats, and berries. In the afternoons, it’s the perfect after-school treat, mixed smoothly with regular milk.

Whilst it pains me that I haven’t yet won the battle at meal times, I’m quietly owning this little ‘Nuzest’ win in the meantime, giving me the peace of mind that their diet isn’t all doom and gloom. The fact that they don’t know what’s in it AND that’s it’s good for them is another matter.

What they don’t know won’t hurt them, right? :)