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Christy Andronicus: Mum of 3, Spiritual Coach, Motivational Speaker

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Your day on a plate...... being a single Mum with 3 kids my day on a plate is simple. I eat organic as much as possible, as long as there is protein, carbs and essential fats on the plate - I'm happy. Everything in moderation.

What does nutrition mean to you and for your family?

Coming from a Greek background food is an integral part of my family dynamic. How I see it is, if you feel good after you eat it then it's probably good for you! I eat meat, I have tried to be vegan but it does not work for me, in fact when I was pregnant with my first child being vegetarian had me so low in iron I was anemic, so I know that eating meat works best for me.

Nutrition is about what makes you feel energetic and balanced. I do my best to have fresh food available and limit packaged food but I am not neurotic about it, I don't have the time or energy to be strict anymore. I do my best to be a good example for my kids and we all agree on what is everyday healthy food and what is occasional food. E.g. sweets and sugary stuff are occasional food.

Most importantly food is about coming together as a family and enjoying each other's company. We try to have an alkaline rich diet which is why Clean Lean Protein works for me. I don't drink alcohol as it gives me a head ache, I love chocolate and I haven't quit sugar (please don't tell Sarah Wilson!).

Why is it important to you to take a nutritional supplement? I have a very busy life, I don't have the time to feel sick or tired so anything that helps me have energy and feel good - I'm happy to take it. I usually have herbs from my naturopath and I drink lots of water.

How did you get back into physical and mental shape after giving birth? After my first child I was 23, so getting back into shape just happened as a result of breastfeeding and being busy. The same with my second, both the girls were 9 pounders and I put on 20+ kilos during both pregnancies! Walking regularly, being busy, running businesses and eating as healthy as possible, being happy and having a positive outlook on life all helped get me back into shape.

At the same time I did take my skinny jeans to put on after I had my first daughter and could not get them past my calf! I had a laugh at my naivety and lost the weight over 6 months.

With my third pregnancy I put on nearly 30 kilos, he was a big bub at 10.2 pounds. I had to have an emergency C-section and lost a lot of blood. I was not allowed out of bed for 3 days or I would have had to have a blood transfusion. My healing plan was a little more intensive following this pregnancy, I went to my chiropractor, Sue Wilson, twice a week for adjustments and my naturopath, Elizabeth Cowley, introduced me to Nuzest's Clean Lean Protein.

After I finished breastfeeding my youngest, I started using Clean Lean Protein and the weight just dropped off. Literally, very quickly! I wasn't hungry, I just had a vanilla protein shake before I ate breakfast, lunch or dinner and kept eating healthily and doing my usual routine.

Do you have any advice for other women who are looking to lose baby weight?

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself, that will just create stress in your life, which sends adrenalin and cortisol into your body which does not help with anything, let alone weight!

Breathing through your nose, meditation, taking a walking or running with a buddy and just let nature take its course. If it takes 9 months to put the weight on, give yourself 9 months to take the weight off.

We all have different shapes and sizes so it's great to understand what your natural healthy weight is. If you have always been a size 16 then be a healthy happy size 16, if you are a natural size 10 then be a healthy happy size 10. For me being the best Mum I can be comes first, eating healthy and being happy and getting as much rest as possible was my focus rather than looking perfect.

I am certainly not one to give advice on health but I can share my experience and what worked for me. During my pregnancy I eat what I felt like eating obviously!! After the birth, I would meditate, walk, do pilates, go to the chiropractor and see a naturopath. Being happy and feeling like you are on purpose in your life are the best things you can do for yourself and for your children. Throw away the scales. I just want to fit into my clothes, move regularly, do yoga, meditate and be happy as I run after a toddler.

What do you do to stay fit, healthy and maintain healthy emotional wellbeing?

I don't have time to feel like crap, so each day I meditate. I surround myself with positive people and I love the work that I do. Sleep, meditation, yoga, pilates, running around with the kids and being on purpose. Loving what I do helps me be a better Mum and helps me be a better business woman too.

I go to the chiropractor and get a massage when I can fit it in or afford it. I read and write a lot with my work which helps remind me of the things I know I need to do. Personal Development seminars, whether I am running them or participating in them, Spiritual Coaching Therapy or some form of clearing are all things that I do to stay as healthy as possible and - I eat chocolate!