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80/20 Nutrition

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The American diet consists of 62% processed foods, 27% animal products, and 5% french fries and ketchup. That's 94% of their diet, right there, leaving only 6% for fruits, vegetables and nuts.

When I first read this I‘m sad to say I wasn't so much shocked as dismayed.

Having been a nutritionist for over 13 years I have been privy to not just the statistics showing our obesity epidemic, but to real life exposure with many of my clients.

This quote demonstrates just how far we have removed ourselves from the style of diet we should be eating.

And the reality is that we need not be perfect.

In fact 'perfect' is the opposite of progress for the simple reason that it can't be achieved and it therefore drives dissatisfaction because if our sense of fulfillment is predicated in achieving 'perfection' (an impossible goal) we will never in fact be satisfied.

However by simply doing 'most things right, most of the time' we can achieve extraordinary health results.

The age old 80-20 rule could well provide at least some basis for good eating, just as it is so valuable for other things in life... and it would certainly make a vast improvement over the figures above if we were to eat well 80% of the time...

So my challenge to you

For the next week - on any given day - make at least 80% of what you eat natural, whole and unprocessed food.

This could be vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, berries, eggs, fish and meats.

Don‘t be concerned at this stage with quantities, simply stick to natural, whole and unprocessed food (preferably organic) 80% of the time... It's that simple...

Notice the change in how you feel... and how you look!
80% isn't so hard after all...

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