The 440: Trent Knox & Todd Liubinskas
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The 440: Trent Knox & Todd Liubinskas

Athlete Exercise Inspiring People

Established in 2014, Trent Knox started running up the hill at Bronte Beach every Saturday morning on his own. Now up to 200 people get up at 5am every Saturday to join him and his 440 partner Todd Liubinskas. The community is the biggest reason why the 440 is successful to date. It is an event that takes place every week, inviting anyone to attend. Attendees can run, walk, jog, sprint or move in any way they feel like to part take in the 7km looped course. There is no obligation to complete 7km either - showing up, being kind to one another and coming together post the event is what Trent and Todd have highlighted as the mission for The 440. We have now seen a need to incorporate mindfulness and running together.

Trent is a Bondi local and ex-real estate agent who chose to follow his passion for fitness and made the switch.

Todd Liubinskas Todd has been an athlete for 20 years, Fitness Professional for 15 years, and Business Owner for 5 years. He is a former First Grade rugby union player. For the past 15 years, he has been working with clients to improve their health.

Todd has Good Green Stuff 3 times a day and says..."It is in my non negotiable daily routine. I have it three times per day. It has helped with my joint recovery and relieves any soreness. I am training 8-10 sessions per week, so it's a much needed resource for me. It has helped with my skin, and allowed me not to peel or have dry skin in particularly on my face"