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What do Selma Blair, Jack Osbourne & Jamie-Lynn Sigler have in common?

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Other than being celebrities, there's probably not much that comes to mind. The same birthday? Perhaps they all live in the same street? They all love Clean Lean Protein? No, no and as far as we're aware, no (although they definitely would if they tried it!)

Selma Blair, Jack Osbourne and Jamie-Lynn Sigler are all affected by the same autoimmune disease of the central nervous system Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Although you would never know it!

Today, May 30th, is World MS Day and this year's campaign "My Invisible MS" is all about Visibility. #myinvisiblems aims to raise awareness of the invisible symptoms of MS and the unseen impact it has on quality of life.

From the outside many people diagnosed with MS look as though they live completely symptom-free, but behind closed doors it can affect them in a number of different ways, including:

- Vision problems

- Numbness throughout various parts of the body and face

- Significant fatigue

- Bladder and bowel issues

- Burning, aching pain

- Cognitive changes

- Depression

- Muscle weakness

Since their diagnosis, Selma, Jack and Jamie-Lynn have been incredibly humbling in sharing their ongoing experience with the condition which has helped to empower and provide a voice for so many others with an MS diagnosis.

This year's #myinvisiblems campaign will also help to give voice to everyone affected by MS by encouraging them to share their invisible MS symptoms and express what they want others to know and understand about the condition, in order to challenge common misconceptions and help people understand how to provide the right support.

Many people have a number of preconceived ideas about how MS affects people's lives so we'd like to bust a few myths for you:

Myth 1: People with MS shouldn't exercise. Truth: Regular, moderate exercise can help with many MS symptoms and benefit overall health and wellbeing.

Myth 2: Everyone with MS will end up in a wheelchair. Truth: Most people with MS don't need to use a wheelchair, especially with early diagnosis and treatment.

Myth 3: MS is the same for everyone. Truth: Everyone's MS is unique. People may experience different symptoms at different times and the impact of these symptoms can vary.

As a member of our Nuzest family it's very likely that you already know that MS is a condition very close to our hearts, with Nuzest co-founder Monique Bolland having been diagnosed at 24 years old and thus inspiring Nuzest to be born. Our mission has always been to provide our consumers with premium nutritional supplements that will powerfully and effectively improve their health, and Monique is a perfect example of that.

Read more about Monique's personal account of living with MS and the role that good nutrition has played in managing it here.

More than 10 Australians are diagnosed with MS every week which impacts more young people in Australia than any other chronic progressive neurological disease. And so we will continue to fight to find a cure!

If you would like to help us raise much-needed awareness and funds for this incredible cause please visit our Kiss Goodbye to MS fund raising page.

You can also help us raise funds for MS Research Australia by making a donation the next time you check out at our online store.

Written by Nicola Miethke.