7-day-meal-plan – Nuzest NZ

Starting to follow a plant-based diet can sound like an overwhelming and daunting feat. What do you eat? Is it expensive? How will my body react to cutting out all animal-based products? Do I just eat salad for every meal?

With all the information available online oftentimes, the idea of going plant-based is a lot scarier than actually doing it.

This is why we created this guide.

We wanted to remove all the overwhelm and give you a simple plan to follow that will give you everything you need to get started and discover if this lifestyle is for you.

Inside this free guide, you will find:

- Plant-based shopping list so you know exactly what to buy Easy to make recipes that can be prepared and created quickly Answers to a common list of questions asked when starting this diet.

- Nutritional advice to ensure you get the most benefit from plant-based eating.

- Get started today and discover the benefits of including more plant-based meals in your diet.