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Clean Lean Protein

Health Conditions, Medications & Diets

  • Is Clean Lean Protein ok for coeliacs?

    Yes. Clean Lean Protein is certified gluten free so it is safe for coeliacs.

  • Is Clean Lean Protein vegan?

    Yes, it is vegan. The peas used in Clean Lean Protein are a vegetable source and the natural flavourings are all plant derived, making Clean Lean Protein 100% vegetarian and vegan.

  • Why is it important that the product is 'alkaline'?

    Our body requires finely controlled pH levels in the blood (as well as tissues and other fluids) in order to maintain optimal health. Modern diets and non-vegan protein sources may cause an increase in acidity in the blood, which then needs to be buffered by the body breaking down bone and muscle tissue to free up 'basic' (alkaline) compounds. Clean Lean Protein provides a high level of good quality protein, without contributing to acid overload in the body.

  • Is Clean Lean Protein suitable for a Paleo diet?

    Yes. Clean Lean Protein is Paleo friendly. Our natural enzymatic isolation process effectively removes the phytic acid, lectins and trypsin inhibitors that are usually the problem with legumes on a Paleo or Primal diet. This leaves a highly digestible protein, free of the problems associated with legumes.

  • Is Clean Lean Protein Kosher?

    The Pea Protein Isolate used in Clean Lean Protein is Kosher certified and the manufacturer, which blends Clean Lean Protein, complies with Kosher practices. The finished product however does not have an official Kosher certification.

Product & Usage

  • I am currently using a whey protein. Why should I switch to Clean Lean Protein?

    Clean Lean Protein has a number of advantages over whey. Some being:
    • It is highly alkaline. This helps the body to avoid problems of excess acidity (such as the potential for increased muscle and bone tissue loss in order to 'buffer' the blood)
    • Clean Lean Protein is higher in BCAAs and glutamine than WPC
    • It is a truly vegetarian protein source. Most whey protein is not because it's a by-product of cheese making, in which they use rennet - an animal product - to separate the whey from the curds that provide the base for cheese
    • It is more sustainable. Getting quality protein from vegetable sources is less input and resource intensive than dairy farming...so it's better for the planet too!

  • I have recently started taking Clean Lean Protein and am wondering what type of diet I should be following?

    The general rule is that if you focus on quality of nutrition, the quantities of what you eat will be less important. Stick to a diet that is almost entirely (80%+) natural, whole, unprocessed foods and you really can't go wrong. Recognising that everyone is different, we never suggest a "one size fits all" diet. Please check out some of the nutritional articles on this site for more guidance, or contact one of our recommended practitioners.

  • Is Clean Lean Protein better than whole eggs as a protein source?

    Whole eggs are a great source of protein. While Clean Lean Protein is not necessarily "better", it does offer some specific benefits. One whole egg contains around 6g of protein. The protein is highly bioavailable and has a PDCAAS (protein digestibility amino acid score) of approximately 0.9+. Our Clean Lean Protein has a PDCAAS of around 0.98 (slightly higher than whole eggs) but offers the advantages of being both highly alkaline and an isolated protein, meaning straight protein without other potentially negative factors (such as fat or sugar content). Eggs are also a relatively common allergen so Clean Lean Protein offers a quality protein option for those with allergies.

  • What is the 'fruit protein' used in Clean Lean Protein?

    The fruit protein in Clean Lean Protein is derived from a West African plant called the Katemfe Fruit (African Serendipity Berry). The protein is known as Thaumatin. Thaumatin is a protein but classified as a natural sweetener. It is digested in your body just like any other protein.

  • How do I mix my Clean Lean Protein?

    Add 2 scoops or 1 single-serve sachet to a shaker containing 300ml or more of liquid and shake to mix. Can be mixed with your choice of water, milk, dairy-free milk or coconut water. Alternatively you can blend it with yogurt and berries into a delicious smoothie. See our recipes section for ideas.

  • When should I take Clean Lean Protein?

    Protein is the base of any healthy meal. Take Clean Lean Protein during the day as a snack, or post workout to aid your body's recovery. Many of our customers use Clean Lean Protein in the morning (along with Good Green Stuff), after training (protein is critical for recovery from exercise) and in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon when the tendency can be to have a poorer quality snack.

  • How much protein should I be taking after a workout?

    This depends on the length of your workout, what your workout consisted of, and your physical size; along with your dietary structure and goals. As a rough 'rule of thumb' around ½ gram of protein per kilogram of bodyweight consumed within 30mins will help encourage recovery and repair of muscle tissue.

  • Is Clean Lean Protein certified organic?

    Our peas are grown in France and under strict conditions, and covered to reduce the risk of environmental damage and contamination. Unfortunately, due to local regulations, this means they cannot be certified organic. You can rest assured though that the product is pesticide, herbicide and GMO free. The only 'certified organic' pea proteins available at this time are of uncertain quality and so for the time being we consider Clean Lean Protein to be 'better than organic'.

  • I see that Clean Lean Protein contains phenylalanine. I thought that there were no artificial sweeteners?

    Phenylalanine is actually an essential amino acid and a component of every complete protein source. You may be thinking of the artificial sweetener Aspartame. Aspartame is created from phenylalanine and aspartic acid. Phenylalanine and aspartame are quite different compounds. For the record: we do not use aspartame to sweeten our products.

  • Why is it more expensive?

    We only use the highest grade of European grown and processed Golden Pea Protein Isolate. There are cheaper pea proteins out there but they do not always have the same protein content and do not always guarantee a chemical free isolation process. Our patented, water-based isolation process also removes the phytic acid, trypsin inhibitors and lectins that can reduce the body's ability to absorb minerals and protein, and that can cause intestinal distress. Cheaper proteins cannot guarantee the same quality and so you may not be getting your money's worth - even at a lower cost.

  • How is Clean Lean Protein manufactured?

    Our protein is isolated using patented water-based enzyme technology. The process is completely natural and no solvents or hexane are used. The company from which we source the protein is called Cosucra and they are world leaders in their field. You can find out more about Cosucra and their protein product called Pisane on www.pisane-cosucra.com.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

  • Can I take Clean Lean Protein while breastfeeding?

    According to our health advisors Clean Lean Protein is safe during both pregnancy and breastfeeding and may help provide some of the additional protein requirement during this time. However, every individual is different and may have specific requirements or a need for special caution so we always advise women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to seek independent advice from their health practitioner before taking any nutritional supplements.

  • How much Clean Lean Protein should I take during pregnancy?

    According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), the additional protein requirements to support 13.8g gestational weight gain are 1, 9 and 31 g/day in the first, second and third trimesters, respectively. However, every individual is different and may have specific requirements or a need for special caution so we always advise women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to seek independent advice from their health practitioner before taking any nutritional supplements.

Good Green Stuff

  • Does Good Green Stuff contain caffeine?

    The green tea and cocoa bean are included due to their amazing antioxidant potential. They are high antioxidant containing extracts. This means the relative antioxidant level is higher whilst caffeine content will be diminished in the extraction process. The maximum amount of caffeine that could be expected from this amount of combined green tea and cocoa without extraction would be under approximately 7mg per serve (or about 1/25th of a small brewed coffee!), but in reality the amount would be negligible. Good Green Stuff should be completely fine for a caffeine sensitive individual.


  • Does Good Green Stuff contain Folic Acid?

    Good Green Stuff contains Folate (methyltetrahydrofolate), the natural form of Folic Acid.Many people lack the ability to completely convert synthetic Folic Acid into Folate. This is problematic not only because the body isn't getting the nutritional and protective benefits, but also because un-metabolised Folic Acid has been shown to increase cancer tumour growth.

  • Are the probiotics in Good Green Stuff still alive and viable?

    The best research we have to date shows that the viability of probiotic compounds is good for many months so long as the product is kept relatively cool. Be sure to keep the product in the refrigerator of at the bottom of the pantry to preserve viability.

Health Conditions, Medications & Diets

  • Can I take Good Green Stuff while I'm on blood pressure medication?

    Yes, there are no issues with taking Good Green Stuff with hypertension. However, it is important to monitor your blood pressure as the dietary nitrates in some of the vegetables found in Good Green Stuff (such as beets) may help to normalise blood pressure, potentially reducing the dosage requirements of medication. Monitor your blood pressure and consult with your doctor so that your medication can be adjusted if necessary.

  • Is Good Green Stuff safe for children?

    According to Australian and New Zealand regulations, Good Green Stuff is suitable for children aged 4 and over. However the dosage for children aged 4 - 14yrs is half that of an adult (1/2 scoop). Regulations may vary from country to country but, in any event, we do not recommend Good Green Stuff for anyone under the age of 4. Kids Good Stuff is a better alternative for children as the formula was developed specifically for early childhood development.

  • Is Good Green Stuff safe for diabetics?

    Good Green Stuff is completely safe for diabetics. There are less than 3 grams of carbohydrates per serve so the effect on blood glucose is minimal; and, at around 40 calories per serve, any effect on insulin in type 2 diabetics (and those with metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetic disorders) is almost nil. Good Green Stuff may even help those with diabetes due to the inclusion of ingredients such as chromium and green tea extracts that aid glycaemic control and improve insulin sensitivity.

  • Is Good Green Stuff suitable for vegans or vegetarians?

    Yes, Good Green Stuff is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. None of the ingredients in Good Green Stuff are derived from animal products. Even our vitamin D3 (usually derived from animal products) is from a vegetable source.

  • Is Good Green Stuff Kosher?

    The ingredients in Good Green Stuff and the manufacturer both comply with Kosher practices. However the finished product does not carry the official Kosher certification.

  • How is Good Green Stuff labelled as being 'Paleo friendly' when it contains pea isolate?

    Good Green Stuff is Paleo friendly. The challenge with legumes on a Paleo or Primal style diet is the 'anti-nutrients' that legumes contain. Our natural enzymatic isolation process effectively removes the phytates, lectins, saponins and trypsin inhibitors, leaving a highly digestible protein that is free of the problems associated with legumes.

  • Can cancer patients take Good Green Stuff?

    There is no reason why cancer patients can't take Good Green Stuff. The formula is designed as an all in one, everyday supportive supplement. It provides a comprehensive blend of whole food derived nutrients that simply help to provide a base of great nutrition. This will benefit anyone needing to ensure quality nutrition to support health and recovery (including cancer patients and those undergoing chemotherapy) whilst avoiding the potential problem of mega dosing certain vitamins and minerals, which may be a concern. If undergoing chemotherapy please consult with your oncologist if you have any concerns about dietary supplementation.

  • Can I take Good Green Stuff during chemotherapy?

    We always suggest that anyone undergoing any drug treatment should consult individually with a suitably qualified health practitioner to discuss his or her specific needs. Good Green Stuff though, being a food-based nutritional support formula, may help the body to recover from chemotherapy. There is some discussion as to whether antioxidants may inhibit the efficacy of chemotherapy, however this discussion tends to involve the use of isolated and therapeutic doses of antioxidants, not multi-nutrient formulas for general health.

  • How is Good Green stuff labelled 'gluten free' when it contains barley and wheat grass?

    The barley and wheat grass in Good Green Stuff are the growing portion of the plant, not the grain. The grain is the part that contains gluten. Every batch of Good Green Stuff is tested for gluten and is certified gluten-free.

  • I have Candida Albicans overgrowth. Can I take Good Green Stuff?

    Yes! The prebiotic and probiotic nature of Good Green Stuff makes it a great addition to an anti-candida strategy. The general nutritional support and the ability to support detoxification processes and stress response make it a great choice for you.

  • I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Can I take Good Green Stuff?

    Yes! Chronic Fatigue is often characterised by dysfunctional stress responses and impaired adrenal function. Good Green Stuff may help the body to respond more effectively to stress in addition to providing general nutritional support.

  • I have IBS. Would Good Green Stuff help?

    Yes! Good Green Stuff will help to encourage more effective digestion due to it's mucilaginous and soothing ingredients (such as slippery elm) and both pre and probiotic ingredients that help to preserve proper levels of beneficial bacteria in the bowel. Remember that the addition of foods that contain prebiotics and beneficial fibres can cause urgency or cramping if taken in too great an amount. The body needs a little time to adjust. We suggest starting on a reduced dose (1/2 scoop) for a week and then increasing to the full dose. IBS almost always has other causative factors too, including stress and anxiety. Seek out a naturopath or other practitioner suitable qualified in mind-body aspects of health to address this.

  • I have several health conditions and am taking a lot of medications. Is it OK for me to take Good Green Stuff?

    There can often be drug-herb and drug-food interactions with poly drug use. We always recommend that anyone with a pre-existing condition, and those taking medication, consult with a suitably qualified health practitioner before using any nutritional supplement.

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

  • Does Good Green Stuff provide enough Folic Acid during pregnancy?

    Good Green Stuff contains Folate (methyltetrahydrofolate), the natural form of Folic Acid. Having enough L5MTHF (Folate) is imperative during pregnancy to help reduce the risk of neural tube defects in the baby. The amount of added Folate in our formula, combined with that naturally sourced thought diet, should be adequate for a healthy pregnancy however you should always consult with your health care practitioner.

  • I am pregnant and am concerned that there is kelp in Good Green Stuff. Could this affect my thyroid?

    The amount of kelp contained within Good Green Stuff is approximately 60mg, and the total iodine content of Good Green Stuff from kelp and marine algae is around 154mcg - equivalent to the daily dietary recommended intake for adults, but less than the recommended intake for pregnancy and breast-feeding. Iodine in adequate amounts is essential for creation of thyroid hormones. The amount in Good Green Stuff is supportive and should not cause adverse effects.

  • Can I take Good Green Stuff while breastfeeding?

    According to our health advisors, Good Green Stuff is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding and may help provide some of the additional nutritional requirements during this time. However, every individual is different and may have specific requirements or a need for special for caution. We always advise women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to seek independent advice from their health practitioner first.

  • Is Good Green Stuff safe to take during pregnancy?

    There is nothing in Good Green Stuff that is contraindicated during pregnancy. We have designed Good Green Stuff to be a safe, every day formula for all adult populations. Note: Rosemary is contraindicated for pregnancy in high (therapeutic/herbal medical) doses but the miniscule amount in Good Green Stuff is completely safe. However, we always advise women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to seek independent advice from their health practitioner first.

Product & Usage

  • How do I mix my Good Green Stuff?

    Mix two teaspoons (one scoop) of Good Green Stuff into a glass of water, non-acidic juice (eg. apple juice) or coconut milk. You can also use Good Green Stuff in smoothies, or with a serve of Clean Lean Protein. Check out our recipe section for more ideas.

  • Why is there sometimes a little residue left in the glass when I take my Good Green Stuff?

    Good Green Stuff is refined only enough to make it mixable, whilst also preserving some of the more fragile nutritional compounds. Simply make sure that you mix well and drink immediately (some of the heavier particles will naturally settle if you allow it to sit for a while before consumption).

  • What's in Good Green Stuff?

    Good Green Stuff contains a blend of over 75 ingredients designed to address and aid all your metabolic pathways. Powdered greens, fruits, vegetables and berries for their phytonutrients; a full range of added vitamins and minerals to help make up for anything missing in the diet; prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes and herbs to aid digestion and liver function; adaptogenic herbs to help with stress; and ingredients to help with cognition, energy, immunity, bone and tissue health, and much more. It's comprehensive nutritional support in one daily serve.

  • How is Good Green Stuff different from other greens products?

    Firstly it's not just a 'greens' product. Many 'greens' products are simply powdered foods without any fortification of essential vitamins and minerals, or probiotics, bioflavonoids etc. Powdered food blends are OK for a little 'boost' in your smoothie but without taking significantly more than the recommended teaspoon or two, they really do not offer significant supplementation. Of those 'greens' products that do strengthen their powdered foods with added vitamins, minerals, probiotics etc., you will find that Good Green Stuff has significantly higher levels of nutrients than most, if not all, products available in this category. Most importantly however are the forms of those ingredients. Good Green stuff uses the most bioavailable, 'body-friendly', and effective forms available; many of which are not used by ANY of our competitors. It makes for a more effective, more efficient, and in some areas safer, formula to your health and wellbeing.

  • Why is the Good Green Stuff in powder form?

    There are several reasons why we decided to stick with powder as compared to pill or capsule form for Good Green Stuff.
    1. Quantity - It is simply easier for us to get a viable dose in a spoonful of Good Green Stuff than taking the equivalent amount of capsules, which many people would find hard to swallow!
    2. Destruction of nutrients in processing - The encapsulation and tableting processes introduce an extra level of processing that could potentially damage some of the nutrients and compounds in Good Green Stuff.
    3. Ease of digestion - Powders products generally digest more efficiently and effectively as there is no capsule to first break down, plus we can avoid using artificial binders and fillers that would be needed to put the product into tablet form.

  • Why do I need Good Green Stuff (or any supplement)?

    For nutritional insurance - to help plug the gaps in your diet due to poor food quality, soil depletion and imperfect dietary choices; and because of the demands our bodies make for extra nutrients due to environmental toxins and our high-stress modern lifestyles. Nothing should replace a balanced diet of real food - supplements simply help fill the gaps.

  • I am currently taking a multivitamin supplement. Should I continue taking this if I am taking Good Green Stuff?

    Good Green Stuff is a full spectrum multi-nutrient formula that provides your nutritional 'base'. It effectively replaces a multivitamin, but with many additional benefits. You shouldn't need to take both.

  • How many serves of Good Green Stuff is safe to take per day?

    You should only need one server per day for complete nutritional support, however those with additional nutrient requirements due to activity or illness may benefit from taking two.

  • What is the best time of day to take Good Green Stuff for maximum absorption?

    We recommend taking Good Green Stuff in the morning on an empty stomach. This allows the maximum absorption of vitamins such as folate and also ensures that you remember to take it! Some people have also noted that it has a gentle 'awakening' effect that can be of benefit on those mornings when it's hard to get moving.

  • Is Good Green Stuff organic?

    Our commitment is to use the best form of every ingredient, from the best available source. While some of our ingredients are organic (such as spirulina, barley leaf and wheatgrass), we can't always find high quality organic sources for all of the 76 ingredients in Good Green Stuff. Our decisions are based on selecting the ingredient that provides the best health effect - not just the one that looks best on the label or that delivers the largest profit margin.

  • Can I cook with Good Green Stuff?

    While we don't recommend heating the product as it can change the chemical structure of some of the delicate ingredients, there are many ways to incorporate Good Green Stuff in a meal. See our recipes section for ideas.

  • Why is the Good Green Stuff more expensive than a standard multi-vitamin?

    Good Green Stuff is a multivitamin plus much more! As well as high levels of real foods, it also contains ingredients which address all our metabolic pathways; energy, digestion, immunity, stress and cognitive. It includes probiotics, digestive enzymes, additional antioxidants, adaptogenic herbs, CoQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid and much more - none of which are found in a standard multi-vitamin. To take all of these ingredients individually would cost many times more than our all-in-one solution. The cost of Good Green Stuff is less than that of a cup of coffee. Try swapping out one cup of coffee per day for one serve of Good Green Stuff and feel the difference!

Kids Good Stuff

Health Conditions, Medications & Diets

  • Does Kids Good Stuff contain gluten/dairy/soy/peanuts/eggs/GMOs?

    No - Kids Good Stuff is free from all common allergens, making it suitable for most children aged 4 to 10.

  • My child is prone to hyperactivity, will Kids Good Stuff aggravate this?

    Kids Good Stuff provides base line nutritional support for children. It contains ingredients like protein and vitamins that promote naturally sustained energy levels, but does not contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners so should not negatively affect hyperactivity levels.

Product & Usage

  • Does Kids Good Stuff contain sugar or artificial sweeteners?

    Kids Good Stuff contains no added sugar and is extremely low in naturally occurring sugars. One serve of Kids Good Stuff has less than 1g of sugar. The product is sweetened using Thaumatin (an extract of Katemfe fruit from West Africa) and the natural sweetener Stevia.

  • What age group is Kids Good Stuff suitable for?

    Kids Good Stuff has been developed to help meet the nutritional requirements of children aged between 4 and 10. While it can be taken by anyone over the age of 4, we recommend that children over 10 move on to our adult formula, Good Green Stuff.

  • Does Kids Good Stuff replace a multi-vitamin?

    Yes - Kids Good Stuff is designed to provide complete nutritional support for growing bodies and minds. Kids Good Stuff is more than just a multivitamin - it also contains minerals, pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes, veggies, berries and greens.

  • How do I take Kids Good Stuff?

    Simply stir, blend or shake one serve (two scoops) in water, milk or a dairy free alternative. Best in the morning with breakfast or alternatively as an after school treat with their snack. You can also add Kids Good Stuff to snacks and treats for a nutrient boost. See our recipes section for ideas.

  • Why do some ingredients on the label not meet the RDI?

    Legislation requires us to show RDIs for adults on the label, not kids so it can be a little misleading. E.g. the levels of zinc listed are 50% of the RDI for adults but 100% of RDI for children. We do not include 100% of the RDI for all nutrients because at NuZest we firmly believe that food comes first. Kids Good Stuff is not designed to be a replacement for food; it is a supportive formulation to fill dietary gaps. Think of Kids Good Stuff as topping up nutrient levels rather than being the only source of nutrients.

  • Why is Kids Good Stuff so 'Good'?

    Because it's an all-in-one nutritional formula, you can relax and have peace of mind around your child's nutrition. It provides complete nutritional support, is easy to take and tastes great.

  • How is Kids Good Stuff different from Good Green Stuff?

    Kids Good Stuff is designed specifically for growing kids, and they have different nutritional requirements to adults. Children have lower requirements for many nutrients (due to lower bodyweight) and so the amounts of green superfoods and nutrients are adjusted to be appropriate for this age group. Likewise, many of the herbs and adaptogens that offer digestive or stress support for adults are unnecessary or inappropriate for kids. We have added protein to support growth and development and bolster the nutritional content of meals and snacks. And we have created a brand new choc-mint flavour that kids love!

  • Is Kids Good Stuff organic?

    Our commitment is to source the best form of every ingredient. This means that while we use lots of organic ingredients (such as spirulina, barley leaf and wheatgrass) we can't always find high quality organic sources for all of the 62 ingredients in Kids Good Stuff. Our decisions are based on selecting the ingredient that provides the best health effect rather than the one that looks best on the label or that delivers the largest profit margin.