Tanya Spencer – Loving Customer
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Tanya Spencer


I went to Doctors in January feeling tired he ordered a blood test and it revealed I had high cholesterol and the tiredness was due to all the sugar and the large amount of unhealthy snacks I was eating. I was also having up to x 5 coffees per day

I was told to go on a high protein, low carb and dairy free diet and reducing my coffee just to the morning one he said this would also help me to lose weight.

I saw a nutritionist the following week who put me on to Lean Clean Protein along with a strict salad, veggie high protein meat diet with only total of x 3 meals per day with one being a smoothie. She said not to touch the supermarket brands they were full of caffeine Clean Lean Protein is pure form of protein which of course is dairy free.

Every morning I have a clean lean protein smoothie with unsweetened almond milk, frozen fruit and chia seeds. I used to be a snacker on junk food but now am not hungry till after lunch and then its salad and meat protein and the same for dinner with maybe a change with a colourful stir fry. Absolutely no need to snack.

The first x 2 weeks were the hardest with the cravings of what I thought my body wanted but it was worth it because I have so far lost 8 kilos and that’s just on 4 months. I'm getting lots of positive comments. I feel healthy, happy and I love the different flavours. I tell lots of people about Clean Lean Protein and always highly recommend. I was told that protein makes you bloat but I have not had any issues what so ever.