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Kylie Stowe


I have Naturopathic training so when looking at taking any supplements I always ensure what I am taking is high quality, from whole sources, and in synergistic forms so that I know it will be well absorbed then there is no concerns about toxicity or that I’m wasting money on highly synthetic and ineffective forms of supplementation, that cant be absorbed.

I love that both Good Green Vitality & Clean Lean Protein are from real food sources.

As a breastfeeding Mum trying to lose weight it’s even more important to ensure you have your daily requirement of protein, and with a newborn that’s often really hard because cooking meals is the last thing on your mind!

I had the added issue of a baby who reacted to lactose in dairy (even if I consumed small amounts) so needed a plant based protein.

Many don’t contain all essential amino acids so I was really happy to find Clean Lean Protein did, and didn’t contain any of the nasty additives that many others do – Hugely important when breastfeeding.

Take a look at the technical summary of Clean Lean Protein...

I would whip up a smoothie with that, some good fats, and greens and not feel guilty that I didn’t have time to cook a decent lunch when I was having a busy day because I knew I was getting my nutrients in.

It’s so important as a breastfeeding mum because we have a higher requirement of protein when breastfeeding.

I perform so much better at the gym when taking CLP, I do weight based training so again really need to ensure I am hitting my daily protein targets.

I absolutely cant live with out the Coffee, Coconut & MCT protein.

There is a huge misconception out there that training is really hard when you don’t have a higher carbohydrate intake. while when I don’t take my shake I do struggle a bit more, when I have the Coffee, Coconut & MCT protein it gives me the added energy needed, its the key to working out for me.

I am the biggest, biggest fan of Good Green Vitality, it’s packed full of so much goodness I honestly noticed the days that I forget to take it.

It helped hugely with energy (all those beautiful B vitamins & CoQ10) , and just feeling good.

Again its an amazing boost to ensure you are getting in your daily requirements of nutrients.

It also contains pre and probiotics which there is so much research out there now to show that lacking in beneficial gut bacteria has a huge impact on weight gain.