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Jared Turner


I’m an active person - Jiu Jitsu, cross training, surfing, hiking, and, not to mention, a father of five kids! Though, I’m fortunate enough to enjoy a well-balanced diet, I also need a protein supplement to support my active lifestyle. 


I chose Nuzest’s Clean Lean Protein for a number of reasons. Unlike many whey based protein supplements, CLP is a delicious and soluble pea protein formula that doesn’t leave me feeling bloated and, let’s be honest, gassy. I also enjoy using CLP as it’s 100% plant based and I’m very conscious of trying to reduce the amount of animal products my family and I consume. 


Using Good Green Vitality in addition to CLP helps keep me focused and energised throughout the day. It’s particularly helpful when I’m on set shooting a film or television show, especially when it calls for me not only to do rigorous action scenes and stunts, but to maintain mental acuity in order to remember my lines! 


My daily schedule would probably not be as easy to get through without the support I get from these products. 


 Jared Turner


Jared Turner