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Darren Ellis


I’ve been taking some form of powdered veggie supplement for years now. The idea of a multi-vitamin to ensure optimal health always seemed like a good idea in theory, but I could never quite grasp how a company could squeeze so many things into a little brown pill and have them all interact naturally in my body the way they were supposed to. Even though most veggie powders tasted like ground up grass clippings, I gagged them down every day in order to get more of a real and less processed serving of healthy micronutrients. Luckily for me the team at Nuzest have now come up with a product: Good Green Vitality that not only has the best quality ingredients, but one that tastes amazing as well. I chuck it in smoothies, or it’s just fine on its own.

Good Green Vitality

Good Green Vitality

300g (30 Servings)

$99.90 NZD

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