The Sleep Inducer Smoothie
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The Sleep Inducer Smoothie

Brain Health Dairy Free Gluten Free Vegan

Are you getting enough quality sleep? We all know sleep is very important and yet many of us are struggling to get to sleep, to stay asleep and we aren’t waking feeling refreshed and ready to go.


Wondering what you can do? Sleep hygiene is important. This refers to the things you do before bedtime that help you get ready for sleep. They are habits and often include having a regular bedtime and wake time; limiting screen time close to bedtime; avoiding stimulants (nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol); having a shower before hopping into bed; having a period where you wind down listening to music, reading a book, meditating or even journaling; and making sure your bedroom is completely dark at night (and you expose yourself to natural light as soon as you are awake).


Things you do during the day play a role too. Regular exercise, reducing caffeine consumption (and keeping it to the morning only), managing stress and eating a nourishing, well balanced diet can impact on your quality of sleep at night.


This Sleep Inducer Smoothie is just another thing you can add in to help you sleep. This smoothie is packed with sleep inducing ingredients: calming chamomile tea, nurturing oat milk, phytomelatonin rich tart cherry juice; nutrient dense and low sugar blueberries; magnesium and antioxidant rich raw cacoa; l-theanine rich arepa nootropic powder; and an extra dose of soothing magnesium from the magnesium powder. Fluctuating blood sugar levels are often a factor in poor sleep too. The Clean Lean Protein helps stabilise blood sugar levels and it also provides the body with the building blocks to make neurotransmitters that are essential for quality sleep. It may just be the chocolate fix you really need after dinner (and before bed).


Recipe By: Kerry Locatelli, BNat