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Strawberry Panna Cotta With Strawberry & Lime Coulis

Dairy Free Gluten Free Sugar Free
A delicious and nutritious Panna Cotta made with Wild Strawberry Kids Good Stuff


350ml Coconut Milk

25ml Oat Milk

2 scoops Strawberry Kids Good Stuff

Pinch Salt

2 tsp Xylitol

125ml Boiled Water

3 tsp Gelatin *

100g Frozen Strawberries

1 Lime, juiced

2 Tbsp Xylitol

I have been playing with this recipe for a little while and it took a few tries before I hit the jackpot! The whole family loved it, adults and kids alike. Naturally, I am grinning from ear to ear. Thanks Kids Good Stuff! - Kerry Locatelli




Wisk the gelatin into the Boiled water until completely dissolved.

Blend the Coconut Milk, Oat Milk, pinch Salt, Xylitol and Kids Good Stuff.

Add the Gelatin mixture to the blended mixture and mix well until combined (don’t be tempted to blend again, just mix with the whisk or a fork**). 

Pour the mixture into Jelly moulds or a muffin tray (this recipe made 6 Panna Cotta in a standard muffin tray). Place in the fridge- they need about 4 hours to set. 

Blend the Frozen Strawberries, Lime and Xylitol and add to a pot. Bring to the boil and simmer until the liquid has reduced. Strain through a sieve and place in the fridge to set (this is optional, it can be left at room temperature for serving).

* Check the guidelines for the Gelatin you have. The one I use has a ratio of 3 tsp to 500ml liquid.

** Blending in a blender again will over-aerate the mixture. The Panna Cotta might separate and might not set as nicely. 

Time: 10 min + 4 hours

Serves: 6