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Berry Smoothie Bowl

Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan

Full of antioxidants, flavour and straight up happiness. 

Make this easy smoothie bowl for breakfast, lunch or dinner and be satisfied for hours! 


3 frozen bananas (or as many as you like but at least 2)

1 scoop Wild Strawberry Clean Lean Protein

½  - 1 cup frozen mixed berries

Plant milk to blend

Top with muesli (or any cereal/muesli), chopped fruit, coconut and chia seeds.


Blend all ingredients and add plant milk as desired. Top with muesli, fruit and other yummy treats. 

Recipe and Photo Credit to Lauren Meale at @nourishing.loz

<img src="AU-CLP-500g-WS.jpg" alt="Clean Lean Protein, Wild Strawberry, 500g, 20 serves pack">

Clean Lean Protein

500g (20 Servings)

$57.70 NZD

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