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Muesli with Strawberry Milk and Yoghurt

Strawberry heaven with Wild Strawberry Kids Good Stuff. Supercharge your muesli!


1 cup Muesli

2 Scoops Wild Strawberry Kids Good Stuff (Vanilla Caramel or Chocolate would work just as well)

125ml Milk (Milk of choice)

150g Coconut Yoghurt

Many of us love a variety of textures in our meals. This combination is particularly good in satisfying flavour, texture and goodness! Using Wild Strawberry Kids Good Stuff for the strawberry milk and strawberry yoghurt. Turn your ordinary muesli into a superfood!


Blend 1 scoop Kids Good Stuff with the milk. Mix the other scoop with the Yoghurt.

Assemble the Muesli, milk and yoghurt as you desire. Enjoy!