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Good Green Oats

Dairy Free Nut Free Sugar Free Vegan
Nutritious green porridge to start your day!


25g Oat Bran

25g Oats

250ml Oat or Rice Milk (or other milk of choice)

1 serving Nuzest Good Green Vitality

1 scoop Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Vanilla

1 small banana (or ½ a banana, frozen banana is good too)

Pinch of salt


Basil seeds & sliced banana

Hold up, Good Green Vitality porridge? Yep, you read it right! We have a super delicious way you can add Good Green Vitality to your morning oats without destroying all the nutrients. This recipe is loaded with goodies, and we get a real kick out of the colour. Created by our very own team member Kerry Locatelli 


Put the oats and oat bran in a pot, add boiling water (enough to cover) and simmer on the stove to cook.

Blend the remaining ingredients together and add to the cooked oats. 

Allow the mixture to heat through (don’t let it boil away, just a gentle heat). 

Serve with basil seeds and sliced banana, add more milk if you so desire. Add more sweetness if you like (Xylitol or Maple Syrup work well).