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Good Green Vitality Yoghurt & Granola

Dairy Free Sugar Free Vegan
A simple and nutritious breakfast using Good Green Vitality.


1 serve Good Green Vitality 

½ cup coconut yoghurt

1 cup of rolled oats 

1 mango cheek, sliced

½ cup of granola 

1 cup milk of choice 

An easy, healthy, simple and delicious breakfast that is guaranteed to keep you going till lunch. If you don't have Mango, swap it out for a handful of your favourite berries and enjoy! Using Good Green Vitality for that extra nutrient boost. Packed with healthy fats and protein from the granola and oats, this breakfast will be your new summer go-to!


  1. Combine the Good Green Vitality and coconut yoghurt in a bowl, mix well and set aside
  2. Divide the rolled oats evenly between two serving bowls 
  3. Pour the coconut yoghurt mixture onto the oats 
  4. Cut the mango cheek into thin slices and place on top with the granola 
  5. Serve with milk of your choice 

Time: 5

Serves: 2