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Why men are more likely to live shorter lives than women, statistically

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Written by Andy de Santis, Accredited Practicing Nutritionist (APN) and co-founder of Guyetitian

A quick look at global data from the United Nations is all it takes to realise that in all of the countries in the world where humans tend to live the longest, men generally live around three to six years less than woman do1.

Now there are a vast number of occupational, biological and behavioural factors that separate men and women that might explain this difference in life expectancy.

A great example, and one of many, is the fact that men are more likely to smoke and drink more excessively than women are2,3.

What interests me most as a dietitian, however, is the consistently observed gender disparity between food choices and diet quality.

The data seems to suggest that modern women in western cultures tend to have healthier diets than men do4.

Guys, I know we can do better.

That’s why in the next three part series, I am going to systematically discuss each of the biggest men’s health concerns and teach you a few key foods or nutrients that will help you take your diet, and your health, to the next level.

Time to put men’s health back on the map!

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