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The Why & How of Good Green Vitality
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Written by Cliff Harvey, Nuzest Product Formulator,  Registered Clinical Nutritionist, Researcher and Author (ND, Dip.Fit, PhD(c))

On the face of it there appears to be very little difference between Good Green Vitality and other apparently similar products, however, we believe we have an edge in efficacy, safety and quality thanks to our careful ingredient choices, meticulous manufacturing processes and rigorous testing regimens.

The formulation team

To create Good Green Vitality, we engaged a panel of independent, highly qualified consultants who have staked their reputations on the delivery of a safe and efficacious formula, based on the latest research and science. Their brief was to produce a product of the highest quality and maximum effectiveness; something that would stand apart - A product formulated for quality without compromise, based in nature and backed by science.

Uncompromising ingredient selection

If a vitamin or mineral has the same chemical structure, extracted naturally or created synthetically, on a molecular level they may be the same. Take Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), the synthetic and natural chemical structure is identical, and the synthetic form is as effective as the natural form. The difference is the synthetic form of Vitamin C may not contain all the natural co-factors which help it do its job. Often the advantage of vitamins and minerals from natural, whole-food sources is the range of co-operating nutrients contained within the source. Good Green Vitality contains both ascorbic acid and a range of plant foods high in Vitamin C and their natural co-factors to cover all the bases.

Sometimes the forms of vitamins and minerals do not have the same chemical structure. A great example of this is Folic Acid and Folate. Most products use Folic Acid which, interestingly has a better bio-availability - it is rapidly absorbed across the intestine. However, this can result in un-metabolised Folic Acid remaining in the blood, which in-turn can lead to serious health issues. Good Green Vitality uses Folate (L-5-methyl-THF), which offers the essential health benefits of Folate without the risks associated with Folic Acid.

Meticulaous manufacturing and production

Our manufacturer, Alaron Products in Nelson, are one of the few privately owned contract GMP manufacturers in New Zealand. They are very highly regarded with many years of experience and have a well-trained and highly qualified team who take immense pride in the quality of their work.

Our production process is methodological, to avoid heat, thereby preserving the active nutrients and the “goodness“ of each ingredient. This careful processing also enables us to achieve an even particle size which ensures that all ingredients are evenly dispersed throughout the batch, so that every serve is perfectly blended and balanced when it reaches you.

Rigorous testing

Every single ingredient in Good Green Vitality is tested prior to blending. Then after blending, every batch is again tested by an independent lab, before release, for safe microbial content, heavy metals, gluten and other allergens. So, you can be sure when we say, “Gluten Free“, it is Gluten Free - tested and certified.

Good Green Vitality is a reliable, easy way to get all the nutrients you need to support all your body systems, in a single daily serve.  All 75+ ingredients are delivered in their best forms in a high-quality, easily absorbed, super-soluble powder and you can be sure that what is ON the label is IN the tub.


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