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What to do the day after a binge or a feast

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Christmas is the season to relax, indulge and loosen your belt a little. This often comes with feelings of guilt and post-feast calorie restriction.  Calorie obsession is not enjoyable for some and might not be your best way to navigate overindulgence.

Being flexible with your diet and not viewing Christmas day as an ‘all in cheat day’ will also help to combat guilty feelings.

Mindfully enjoying sensible portions with family and friends will leave you satisfied and not in a food coma.

After all Christmas should be relaxed and spent enjoying the special treats that come along with it.

Remember, enjoying yourself is not a crime.

Returning to normal and balanced eating habits the following day will ensure that you do not try to overcompensate later through hunger.

Focusing on fibre, a bounty of micronutrients, water and movement will have you feeling great in no time.

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