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What Teas Should Sou Drink When Pregnant?

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We know water is good, but sometimes we want something more! Sipping on a hot cup of herbal tea often does the trick. Herbal teas can help hydrate the body when you don’t want to just drink water. They also provide nutrients that can nourish the body during pregnancy.

Soothing Teas

Peppermint and Ginger teas are really soothing and refreshing as well as being great for nausea.

Antioxidant-rich Teas

Rooibos tea is a naturally caffeine free, antioxidant rich option which is yummy when consumed black or with a little splash of milk. There are many beautiful teas blended specifically for pregnancy which are just perfect for a mum-to- be.

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea

Red Raspberry leaf tea is good throughout the pregnancy, and especially great in the last trimester. It is particularly nourishing and helps tone the uterus and muscles in the pelvis in preparation for birth.

Teas not to drink

Unlike Herbal teas, which contain only about 0.4mg of caffeine per cup, non-herbal teas (black, green and oolong) contain about 40 to 50 mg of caffeine per cup of tea. While there is controversy over caffeine, I recommend reducing overall caffeine intake for good health and avoiding caffeine intake as much as possible during pregnancy.

Along with herbal teas, Good Green Vitality is another great way to hydrate and nourish the body. Good Green Vitalty mixed with coconut water is a match made in heaven.

According to our expert advisory team, Good Green Vitality is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, everyone is different and during pregnancy you may need to increase your intake of some vitamins and minerals (especially folate). If anyone is pregnant or breastfeeding it is recommended that they consult their health practitioner to find a supplement prescription that works best for them.

The information provided in this article is intended for educational purposes only and is general advice. It should not, nor is it intended to be, relied on as a substitute for individual medical advice or care. If the contents of this, or any other of the blogs in this series raises any concerns or questions regarding your health, please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Good Green Vitality

From $4.75

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