Selva Thankamani's Fitness Edge
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National Kickboxing Finalist Selva Thankamani's Fitness Edge

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At the age of 15, Selva Thankamani became one of the top five 100m sprinters in Paris, France and received a sports scholarship which brought him to New Zealand. After completing his studies in sports science, Selva branched out from sprinting and started training as a kick boxer, boxer and weightlifter. He has competed at New Zealand national level in all of his chosen sports - as a Lightweight Boxer, a national kickboxing finalist and currently he is competing in the National Weightlifting Championships. His next goal is to qualify for the World Weightlifting Champs.

Selva is also one of Auckland‘s top trainers helping professional and amateur athletes to reach their goals. He has worked with NZ Breakers and NZ Tall Blacks team members as well as professional and amateur boxers, kick boxers and corporate boxers. Selva is a Les Mills personal trainer and also manages his own company, Get Fit Fast.

In any one week Selva runs 22 hours of group training plus around 20 PT sessions and, in his spare time, spends a further 13 hours on his own training. It‘s no wonder that keeping his energy levels high is a priority.

Clean Living, Clean Eating

“I came across Nuzest‘s Good Green Vitality through a client when the product first came on to the New Zealand market,“ said Selva. “Since then I haven‘t lost a day‘s training to sickness. I follow a clean paleo diet and the Nuzest products fit in well with that.“

“I started to use Clean Lean Protein two years ago and have a post-workout smoothie every day with Clean Lean Protein, blueberries, kale, cashew nuts and coconut water. Nuzest products keep my energy levels really high - I have to take them or I start to feel tired.“

Selva has designed his own dietary plan called ‘Clean Living, Clean Eating‘ that incorporates the Nuzest supplements to help his clients achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. The results speak for themselves. “One lady I‘ve been training has lost a total of 55kgs over the past three to four years. Another guy has lost 23kgs in two years. I regularly run 14 day challenges for my clients and they shed between three and five kilos each.“