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How to reset your food rituals

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Written by Michelle Yandle, Nutrition Coach, speaker and author based in New Zealand

You may or may not have noticed, but when it comes to food and the act of eating, we all have daily rituals that we follow. From cultural to personal, how, what, where and when we eat can be as important as the act of eating itself.

For as long as humans have existed, so have food rituals. It could be where we sit at the table or whether we sit at the table at all. It could be who makes dessert for Christmas dinner or how you like your coffee. Perhaps it‘s the way you slice your roast, handed down from generations of grandmothers who made their roast just right.

Whatever the ritual, it‘s got an important unwavering part in societal, cultural, family and individual eating habits.

There are many rituals that I engage in when it comes to food, many of which I may not even be aware of.

I start my day with a black coffee and always have breakfast as it‘s my favourite part of the day.

In winter, I almost always have porridge with a scoop of Nuzest Clean Lean Protein Smooth Vanilla and in summer the scoop goes into my blueberry smoothie.

Every morning I have Nuzest Good Green Vitality and a tsp of fish oil too, that‘s a non-negotiable ritual for me because it makes me feel great.

We always sit at the table for dinner, we have our favourite spots, while other meals are often eaten on the couch in the living room.

Before cooking meat I say a silent thank you to the animal.

My favourite food ritual is making bucket loads of treats to gift and eat at Christmas time. This is something that has been part of my family for as long as I remember.

Having rituals and/or habits can be a great way to stick to changes in our eating plan as well. Consistency is key when it comes to taking on new things and over time they go from new to non-negotiable parts of our daily routine.

As we head into Spring, this is a great opportunity to begin to think about your current food rituals and perhaps some new ones that you‘d like to reset for the new seasons ahead.

Start by being mindful of your current food rituals. Make a list of them as you go.

Take a moment to look at these rituals and decide which ones are helpful and which ones are harmful. Rituals may also be behavioural triggers, things that trigger us to eat, even if we‘re not hungry. Perhaps using food as a reward is a ritual you‘ve adopted? Simply be aware of them so that you can decide which rituals may need some tweaking.

Then, create an action plan. Try not to take on too many at once, in fact, I would stick to one or two new rituals as you‘re more likely to maintain them if you don‘t spread your focus too thinly.

Maybe you want to begin to have breakfast or stop skipping lunch. Maybe it‘s asking your family to sit at the table at mealtimes so that you can eat more mindfully. Perhaps, you‘d like to start your meal with a prayer or gratitude.

Or, maybe it‘s simply adding a scoop of Nuzest Good Green Vitality to your day. The beauty of this activity is that YOU get to decide, you get to create these new rituals in your life.

What food rituals will you begin this spring?

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