Maintaining your winter energy
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Maintaining your energy levels in winter

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Winter is here, we can all feel it. When I felt the cold weather start to creep in, I found myself feeling little sad. I realized I was saying goodbye to those yummy, warm, sunny days where I felt a little happier and more carefree.

I said goodbye to my favourite summer activities like bike riding, paddle boarding, and snorkeling. At the same time, I was super excited for what winter has in store.

The fireplace, delicious hearty soups, warm layers of clothing, hot coffee and the snowboard will come out soon for the snow season.

This is often a time when our health and nutrition focus changes. We start thinking more about immunity and out comes the vitamin C, zinc and probiotics.

I think this is a great time to also be thinking about your energy and your metabolism. Its also time to think protein.

Protein is made up of amino acids which the body uses to produce structures (cells, tissue, and organs in the body).

They are needed to produce enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters as well as being important for immunity and able to be used to produce energy

When we talk about metabolism, we are referring to chemical processes that occur within the body.

Most of these processes require an enzyme that acts as a catalyst for the reaction to occur. Most enzymes are made up of amino acids.

The production of energy is facilitated by enzymes. Our bodies digest the food we eat and turn it into cellular energy using enzymes along the way (for the digestion process and for the energy production process).

Another reason to praise protein is that protein itself can also be used as a fuel source within the body (like fat and carbohydrates).

Protein is essential to good health and as you can see it is important for your metabolism and good energy production.

Protein needs to be supplied by the diet daily. I always recommend prioritizing protein when you plan your meals.

Not only does this provide the building blocks needed to produce structures within the body, it also facilitates great energy so that you can feel your best and enjoy the activities you love.

I highly recommend Clean Lean Protein as a great way to top up your protein consumption.

I love adding it to smoothies or cooked porridge daily and I use it as a protein insurance policy. This way I know I am getting enough protein to support what I need and most of all support my energy levels!

Clean Lean Protein is 100% vegetable (sourced from the golden pea); is allergen friendly (no gluten, dairy or soy); and is gentle on the stomach, easy to digest and absorb.