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Kevin Manuel's Fitness Edge

Athlete Exercise Inspiring People

Nuzest Industrial Athletics athlete Kevin Manuel has just placed 17th in the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games in California - going head to head with the 40 fittest men on the planet. Currently ranked second in New Zealand and eight in Australasia, Kevin has come a long way since he first competed in 2011.

A few months before this initial event, Kevin had stumbled upon CrossFit online. His interest had been piqued by some unusual drills that his coach started to incorporate into his regular rugby squad training. “From that point onward, all our training was based on high impact interval training and I was hooked.“

When his coach opened a CrossFit gym, Kevin started going along two to three times a week to balance out his rugby training. It wasn't long before competitive CrossFit replaced rugby as Kevin‘s main focus. He currently trains six to seven times a week.

“Every rugby season meant one more serious injury that took me out for a couple of months. CrossFit gives me the adrenaline rush I need without the injuries,“ explained Kevin. “The coaches are so critical of technique and I am surrounded by good people who are serious about eating, exercising and living well - it‘s much more sustainable.“

From a nutritional standpoint, Nuzest supplements provide the foundation for quick recovery after Kevin‘s high intensity two-to-three hour training sessions. “I take Good Green Vitality religiously every morning before work and then again after each training session - I combine it in a smoothie with Clean Lean Protein and a banana,“ said Kevin. “I was very skeptical about supplements before I came across Nuzest - but these products are absolutely perfect for my needs. The fact that they are natural and clean is really important to me.“

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