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Incidental Exercise


There is never enough time it seems. At least that's what we tell ourselves when we put our fitness on the to-do later list.

But what if I told you that time wasn't an obstacle that you could easily include some exercise into your life you just have to get more creative?

I'm definitely a big fan of the morning workout but sometimes this just isn't always possible. Think about the times you have done your workout first thing, how good did you feel for the rest of the day? There is something empowering about starting that way! Unfortunately some mornings its hard to get up for that 5am spin class, maybe you worked late or didn't sleep well or maybe you're just not a morning person, so the next best thing is the lunch time workout and including more incidental exercise in your daily routine! When you are busy its all about getting smarter with your workouts of where and how you fit exercise into your schedules.

We all know that including exercise in your weekly routine is not only important for the mind but it is also important for our general health. Research shows that exercise boosts productivity and can alleviate stress when life gets a little rough. Working up a sweat can also help reduce the risk of some cancers, help you get more restful sleep and keep your weight at a healthy level. It will also give you more energy to do your day to day tasks, improve your moods and can help combat depression and anxiety. Some studies even suggest it's as effective as antidepressant medication!

When you can only seem to schedule in 1 workout session some weeks, it's really important to include incidental exercise as much as you can into your days. So its time to say goodbye to common conveniences - Yes but why would you want to do this? Because my friend your goal is to move more:

  • Goodbye closest bathroom, parking spot, shortcut across the park. - Get off the bus or train 1 stop too early or park your car further away. - Take the stairs not the lifts or elevators (medical conditions permitting)

Other amazing ways to include incidental exercise in your life:

  • When taking phone calls pace around the home or office at the same time - Go for walks or do yoga stretches in your lunch break sunshine does wonders for the mind and body, it will get the blood and heart pumping, burn extra calories and help de-stress from the morning. - Why not get yourself a pedometer and aim to increase your weekly target! Challenge yourself to move more! - Get fidgeting did you know that if you wiggle around and tap your feet often enough you can burn off a few extra 100 cals per day! - Socialise on your feet meet girlfriends for a walk and talk instead of a food and coffee sit down.

Stairs are one of my favourite go to exercises especially when time is limited purely because you get more done, in such a short amount of time. High Intensity and over with faster. They are a great cardio and resistance based exercise combo and are a fantastic weight loss tool.

Staying healthy and fit is all about being creative to keep you interested and motivated. Try finding an activity that you enjoy, grab a friend to keep you accountable and try out something new together! Acrobatic Yoga, Trampoline Jumping, Dancing, Swimming, Roller skating - The list is endless, just move that beautiful body more!

Written by Rebecca Neale www.foodfitnesswellness.com and find her on Instagram