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Hungry? Why your body could be telling you that you're hungry when you don't need to be

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How do you know when you‘re hungry? What does it feel like for you? Is it an emptiness in your tummy or grumbling?Perhaps you get headaches and light-headedness? Or maybe, you‘re like I used to be - when food is needed you get HANGRY!

When you think about all these signs of hunger what do you notice? What do they have in common? Perhaps you've observed that these are all physical symptoms - none of them are thought related or cravings or just wanting to eat for the sake of it. They are genuine signs that your blood sugar is low or your stomach is empty (or both!). Just like when our car is running on empty, we too will generally know when we need to refuel.

Simply asking yourself that simple question - am I hungry? And knowing the difference between when you think you want something and when your body is having a physical need is a powerful tool indeed.

If you do pause, and look inward and decide that you are experiencing physical needs to eat, you deserve to do your body a favour and eat something that is both satisfying and nourishing

When we deny ourselves this physical need we are setting ourselves up for more uncomfortable feelings or worse yet - becoming so hungry that when we get home we raid the cupboard or fridge and eat the entire contents!

There is truth to the old saying - never go to a supermarket hungry!

When we eat when we‘re not hungry, we are running the risk of overeating as well. That‘s because it‘s really hard to satisfy your hunger if you‘re not actually hungry in the first place? How do you identify when to stop if you do not actually have a physical need to eat? No matter how much food you intake you‘ll never be satisfied.

Encourage you to practice asking yourself the simple question: “Am I hungry?“ The next time you get the urge to eat. What does your body tell you? And if you‘re not hungry - what‘s causing your urge to eat instead?

Sometimes if I feel like I might be hungry, but I‘m really not sure, I‘ll have myself a protein shake with Nuzest Clean Lean Protein (Smooth Vanilla) and a scoop of Nuzest Good Green Vitality. It hydrates and satiates and I love the two together. If you‘re still wanting to eat, and definitely not hungry, perhaps it‘s time to look at what the true need is. Are you bored? Are you lonely? Are you stressed? Working out what the need is and giving your body/soul what it really needs is the best way to feed a hungry heart.

Want to read more about this? Check out Michelle Yandle's book - The Empowered Eating Handbook.

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