How to take Winter Wellness to the Next Level
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How to take Winter Wellness to the Next Level

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Sometimes it’s a bit harder to stay active and eat well during the cooler months. We just want to hibernate and comfort eat and while there’s nothing inherently wrong with either of those things, over time, the lack of activity and variety in our diet can start to make us feel a bit run down. But, being ‘well’ over winter doesn’t need to be daunting! These tips are as easy as choosing a new series on Netflix to binge-watch.

Veg it up!

Let’s get creative. There are so many ways we can start to incorporate some veggies into those comfort meals. A warm bowl of soup, adding lentils and mushrooms to that lasagna, add greens and fresh herbs to your casseroles. The idea is ‘crowding in’, looking for ways each day that you can add nutrient-rich veggies to your pre-existing favourites.

While we’re at it, let’s make our meals ‘next-level.’ Cooking with spices such as onion, garlic, ginger, coriander and turmeric are great ways to support your immune system during the winter months.

There’s more to life than carbs

I know, they are wonderful things and we all love them, but this is the time of year when they tend to dominate over all the other things our bodies need to function optionally. Carbs are filling and delicious and often the main ingredient in those numerous winter ‘comfort meals’ we so enjoy. And while many carbohydrates can be a very nutritious addition to your daily diet try to focus on getting the essentials as well – protein and essential fatty acids. Protein at breakfast and lunch will help keep you fuller for longer and healthy fats such as antioxidant rich olive oils, fatty fish, nuts and seeds will help to keep our system happy over the cooler months.

Get some Zzzs

Whether it’s a good night sleep or a bad one it will have a huge effect on the rest of your day. How much we move our bodies, eat well, work well and are kind to each other are all determinant on whether we are feeling rested. Just like children, it really helps us if we wind down a bit before sleep time. Turning off the phone, reading a book, meditating, taking a nice hot bath – these will all help us unwind and sleep better.

Try to get outside

I know, I know, it’s cold and wet! But sunshine is a great mood booster as well as an essential source of vitamin D. Get some sun and fresh air as often as you can. Even 10-15 minutes outside a day can make a big difference. Get out in the garden, eat lunch outside, go for a brisk walk, whatever suits you. Got some time off? Go on a holiday! Meet up with friends. Whatever gets you outside and moving through winter is going to be of huge benefit to how you feel.

Get the best multivitamin

Having a daily multi is a great insurance package to keep us well during the winter months. There are just so many vitamins and minerals that are essential in supporting our health and wellbeing during the winter. Vitamin D can do lots to improve our mood and ward off seasonal depression during winter. Vitamin C as we know, can do a lot to support our immune health and zinc is particularly important for fighting off viruses and bacteria. Grab yourself some Good Green Vitality and not only do you get all of the above but dozens of other beneficial nutrients including immune and stress supporters to keep you feeling amazing through the darker days.

Over the winter months, our immune system can become compromised for a number of reasons and under the current ‘climate’ it’s more important than ever to take steps to support our immune function and mental health.