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How To Supercharge Your Kids Breakfast

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Good nutrition is the foundation to good health. If our bodies have all they need to function optimally, we get to enjoy good health and we can squeeze the most out of our lives. Not only does good nutrition as a child support growth, development and health during childhood, but it lays down the foundation for health as an adult. That’s why good nutrition during childhood is really important!

Getting nutrients into our children can be challenging and that’s why I love what Nuzest has created in Kids Good Stuff. It has real food ingredients (fruit and vegetables), great forms of added vitamins and minerals, fiber, probiotics and prebiotics. It is also low in sugar, vegan, gluten free and tastes delicious. I haven’t come across a better nutritional insurance policy for kids!

There are many ways Kids Good Stuff can be incorporated into daily eating. Breakfast is a great place to start as we know we are sending our children off to school topped up and ready to learn. At the core, I like to focus on eating natural, whole and unprocessed food and then find fun, tasty ways to include Kids Good Stuff. I also think it’s important to encourage good eating habits, which also improve digestion and absorption of nutrients. Good eating habits include sitting and eating, undistracted (not in front of the tv or whilst playing), taking the time to chew thoroughly and enjoy the meal.

Here are some of my favourite breakfast recipes using Kids Good Stuff:

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