How to kick start your energy
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How to Kick Start Your Energy

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Feeling tired? Join the club! Whether it be due to personal stresses or the state of affairs overall, fatigue is a very common complaint for many of us and has only seemed to increase in recent times. However, regaining our energy levels does not have to be a complete task, there are some small but important steps you can start to take today to boost your energy and overall wellbeing.

Get more sleep – or less…

Believe it or not, fatigue throughout the day could indeed be caused by not getting quality sleep. It’s not rocket science but it’s commonly overlooked. If you’re fatigued and you know that your sleep needs improvement, start there. Practices that support good sleep hygiene include turning off electric devices an hour before bed, keeping the bedroom for sleep and sexual activity only, and downloading and listening to meditations before tucking yourself in for the night.

It may seem counterintuitive, but some people may need less sleep. Have you ever felt sluggish after a sleep in? We all have varying amounts of sleep that are needed for energy and so play around with setting your alarm an hour earlier or going to bed an hour later. Find your sleep ‘sweet spot’ and once you nail that and practice it consistently along with positive sleep habits, this should have a positive effect on your energy levels while awake.

Work on your stress levels / lighten your load.

Another major contributor to fatigue throughout our day is stress. I’m sure that comes as no surprise to those of you reading this. Whether the stress is due to a huge workload or the day-to-day stresses of raising a family – setting boundaries and doing what you can to lighten your load will have a huge effect. Of course, mediation practices and breathwork will impact stress levels. I encourage you to seek those out, but the effects of delegating tasks that can be delegated, getting big jobs out of the way first, asking for help and learning to say no, will have an even more profound effect long term.

Joyful movement

Moving your body regularly in a way that feels good to you is a sure-fire way to improve your sleep along with other positive sleep habits. What types of movement make you feel great? Do you enjoy going to the gym? Or do you prefer light strolls on the beach? Both are great for our bodies and our energy levels. Breathing in some fresh air, even if it’s just a stroll around the block is also a quick way to increase your energy throughout a workday.

Fill your cup

When we’re doing something that makes us happy, our energy increases. That’s not rocket science. We all feel it. I encourage you to take some time to remind yourself of all the things that bring you joy and fill your cup. Do you enjoy engaging in creative projects? Spending time with pets or animals in general? What hobbies have you potentially neglected? Does spending time with friends make you laugh and smile? We all have different things that fill our souls – sometimes we just need to take some time to re-connect with them. Connecting with what’s important to us, and living a values-based life is a sure-fire way to increase your energy overall.

Consider your nutrition

Lastly, being mindful of what goes (or doesn’t go) into your body will certainly help give you more energy throughout your day. For example, using coffee to your advantage by not drinking any after 2:00 pm and drinking more water have both been found to be supportive of your daily energy levels and improved sleep. Eating nutritionally to the best of our abilities is also an important thing to consider. Consuming Good Green Vitality daily is a great way to ensure that you’re covering all your nutritional basics and that, along with getting more fruits and veggies, whole grains and a varied diet overall is a great way to beat the daily sluggishness.

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