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Detox day – juicing and Good Green Vitality

Detox day. We all know the feeling. After we have indulged just a little too much, your body is crying out for hydration and nutrients. Whilst detox days are not recommended as a long-term health plan, a mindful day of conscious choices that assist in speeding up health is a great short-term option that will provide fast results. Beginning the day with movement and 500 mL of water and a serving of Good Green Vitality will provide your body with a boost of vitality, an internal nutritional hug for your insides. Ingredients support gut health, immunity and the nervous system whilst ginger, dandelion and burdock root assist in detoxification and elimination of toxins. These traditional herbs included in the Good Green Vitality formula are well researched potent detoxifiers and will have you feeling yourself in no time. Including fresh squeezed juices, high fibre salads and plenty of nutrient-dense veggies will also assist in flushing out the system.



Pre breakfast

Movement + 500ml of water + Green Good Vitality Serving


Green juice made from: apple, carrot, celery, cucumber, spinach, lemon, ginger and a pinch of pepper.


Big Salad; lettuce, tomato, avocado, carrot, beetroot, cucumber.


Green Banana Smoothie:



  1. Blend all ingredients using a highspeed blender.

  2. Serve immediately and enjoy


Big bowl of steamed veg with lemon, salt and pepper.


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