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How Can Something So Small, Be So Nutritious?

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Why I’m loving the new Good Green Vitality bars – a personal review

I’ve been enjoying Good Green Vitality (formerly Good Green Stuff) for over 7 years now. It’s peace of mind for me, knowing that every day I’m getting all the vitamins and minerals I need to do the best I can for my body. I love my daily dose of the Good Green Vitality powder mixed with cold water and Smooth Vanilla Clean Lean Protein or in my blueberry smoothies. That being said, I was beyond excited when I heard that the Nuzest Good Green Vitality bars were being re-released! Here’s why.

They’re portable

While they don’t have a complete serving of Good Green Vitality (it’s about half) the fact that they are portable is a huge perk for me. I travel a lot – and am always on the go between co-working spaces, cafes and other meeting spots. Carrying around a shaker and trying to find some water to fill it with isn’t always convenient but throwing a bar in my bag is very much so! I also carry them with me if I’m going for a hike or a long walk in case I need a bit of an energy boost along the way. It’s a bit trickier to shake up a shake in the middle of the bush!

They’re tasty

Don’t get me wrong, I love Good Green Vitality powder and have gotten used to the taste, but I wouldn’t say it’s an ice cream sundae… The bars, however, are quite delicious so for anyone who doesn’t enjoy the powder, these bars are a great way to eat your vitamins. Trust me, my husband can smell a ‘health food’ a mile away and will often turn his nose up when it comes to trying one. These bars, however, are one of his faves and he pops one into his work bag every day.

Peace of mind

As with the powder, having a Good Green Vitality bar allows me to get a decent serving of vitamins and minerals and other beneficial ingredients that I may not otherwise get. I often forget to take supplements but I don’t forget to eat! Along with a balanced diet, these bars are a great top-up. Not only do they contain 20+ Vitamins and minerals – they also contain probiotics, prebiotics, adaptogens and other ingredients to support good digestion, strengthen our immune system and help us with the energy we need to get through our busy days.

Great for the ‘supplement slackers’

As I’ve said, for those of us who forget to take our daily supplements, the Good Green Vitality bars are a welcomed addition because we all need to eat and when we’re on the go- these are a great way to stay nourished and satisfy us until our next meal. Think of them as a daily boost that you might not otherwise get.

Only the best

I’ve met with the Nuzest creators and formulators on many occasions and one thing that I know for certain, they only use the best forms of ingredients for maximum efficacy. You can rest assured that the vitamins and minerals they use are the very best you can get.

Support for the upcoming holidays!

It’s currently November and Christmas holidays are right around the corner. For many of us, this can be a time of joy but also a time of stress as we manage changes in our routine and balance family and preparations for Christmas. Not only that but this year has a bit of added stress and uncertainty as we continue to deal with a global pandemic. That’s why these bars are so special. They contain a combination of nutrients and adaptogenic herbs to support cognitive function and help cope with stress. Just what we need this time of year! Not only that but the daily boost of nutrients can help with energy – also something which tends to decrease as the year wraps up and we lead up to Christmas.

If you’re looking for a daily vitamin boost that’s portable and tastes great – Good Green Vitality bars have you covered. Grab some before the holidays, you’ll be glad you did.

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