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Hana's Story: How Hana kept healthy during pregnancy

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“I started taking Good Green Vitality just after I found out I was expecting twins. At about ten weeks pregnant I started to go off lots of the food that I would normally eat, like smoothies with banana and greens. I started craving plain food like sourdough bread and pasta and worried that I wasn‘t getting enough vitamins and minerals.

I tried a sample of Good Green Vitality at Naturally Organic where I work and loved it. When I looked for more information I was happy with the quality of the ingredients and the way that they are sourced, so I bought a 600g tub.

It‘s been great. I‘m 24 weeks pregnant now and the babies are growing beautifully. I‘m working and keeping active - walking and gardening. For the first time I haven‘t been sick once all winter! My partner came down with something for a couple of weeks and I got a little congestion and then shook it off - I can‘t help thinking that‘s down to Good Green Vitality.“

Hana has since given birth to her gorgeous healthy baby boys, Avi and Leon: “I am still taking Good Green Vitality while breastfeeding, the boys are growing amazingly.“