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Essential Oils For Pregnancy And Labour

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Essential oils

Pregnancy is a beautiful time to be using essential oils. There are many oils which are not safe during pregnancy, so please be aware of this, and be cautious. Try these essential oil blends:

For Nausea

4-5 drops of spearmint and/or ginger essential oils as an inhalation can calm the stomach.

To Prevent Stretch Marks

This blend can be rubbed all over- especially the stomach, hips, thighs, and breast areas.

10ml Wheatgerm oil

40ml Apricot Kernel oil

50ml Avocado oil

5 drops Neroli

20 drops Tangerine

5 drops Lavender

Rosewood and Frankincense can be added too.

For Perineal Massage

This helps to prepare you for giving birth. It strengthens the tissue, increases elasticity and lowers the risk of tearing. There are some beautiful already prepared perineal massage oil blends that you can use, or you can try this simple blend.

50ml Sweet Almond oil

20 drops Lavender oil

Evening primrose oil and Calendula are a great addition to this simple blend too.

For Labour

100ml Sweet Almond Oil

5 drops Neroli

10 drops Lavender

15 drops Clary Sage

10 drops Jasmine or Rose

10 Sandalwood

Peppermint oil is great for the nausea that is often experienced in the later stages of labour. This can be added to an oil burner or diffuser in the room.

The information provided in this article is intended for educational purposes only and is general advice. It should not, nor is it intended to be, relied on as a substitute for individual medical advice or care. If the contents of this, or any other of the blogs in this series raises any concerns or questions regarding your health, please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner.