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Interview with Amy Maulder: Eating Clean and Feeling Better

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The fact that Amy Maulder has won a string of fitness modelling competitions over the past few years still surprises her. “I never had much confidence growing up,“ she admitted. “My brother got me started along this road. He convinced me to enter my first bikini comp and I won. That gave me such a big confidence boost that I decided to keep on conquering my fear until I completely got over it.“

A few years later, Amy took up a membership deal run by CrossFit Auckland as a way of carving out some time for herself. “A relationship was on its way south and I wanted to do something positive for me. I had never been a fitness person but I didn't look back - CrossFit changed my world.“

She quickly became known as ‘the girl with the abs‘ in competitions and found herself training harder and getting stronger. Within three months of starting CrossFit, Amy won a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) bikini competition.

Amy came across Nuzest‘s Good Green Vitality by chance and started taking it on daily basis to make sure she was getting the full range of nutrients she needed. It was during a paleo challenge run by her CrossFit gym that she was introduced to the company‘s Clean Lean Protein.

“Nuzest products have made a real difference to my body,“ she said. “I just feel better when I know that I‘m eating clean. I have tried a wide range of supplements in the past but none of them were ‘clean‘ enough to be part of the paleo challenge. I‘m really conscious of what I put in my body - you get out what you put in.“

After completing the challenge - a month of strict, clean eating and five or more training sessions per week - Amy entered and won the International Natural Body building Association (INBA) Taupo competition in 2013 and qualified to represent New Zealand in San Diego.

“I've seen a complete transformation of my mind set, diet and body over the past few years,“ continued Amy. “My aim going forwards is to work with teenagers to support a similar change in other people‘s lives. I often get comments on social media sites from girls who tell me that my success has inspired them change their own lives. What could be better motivation than that?“

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