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Diet Devil or Super Bean?

Author_Jaime-Rose-Chambers Diet & Nutrition Education

Coffee was once touted as a diet devil, a guilty pleasure or treat that many would admit to just the one cup a day. These days research is showing that the caffeine diet devil may in fact be a super bean and having a couple of cups per day may not only not cause health problems but may very well be quite good for you. Hooray hooray!

Coffee Pros:

  • A milk coffee provides around a serve of calcium-rich dairy. Fresh ground coffee beans are high in antioxidants. It may be protective against type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease and some liver conditions. It may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease ‚Ä¢ It can improved physical endurance

Coffee Cons:

  • It's addictive. What you add makes all the difference - sugar, full fat milk, syrups and artificial sweeteners. Some coffee orders can be the same calories as a substantial meal. Caffeine should be limited for: pregnant women and people with high blood pressure

A safe, general intake of caffeine is around 400mg per day but everyone has a different threshold.

Instant coffee 150mL cup = 60-100mg caffeine Espresso coffee (1 shot) = 40-90mg caffeine Drip percolated 150mL cup = 100-150mg caffeine Decaf coffee = 3mg caffeine