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Creative Ways To Upcycle Your Nuzest Tubs

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Nuzest tubs use #2 HDPE plastic and are 100% recyclable when the labels are removed, and the powder is cleaned out. Recycling is great, but how about upcycling? There are some awesome ways you could upcycle your Nuzest containers, which can be super fun, stylish and save you money.

Make a Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are a great addition to any back yard. You can sit outside and watch wildlife up close while also giving the birds some tasty treats to fill their bellies. All you need for this is a Nuzest tub, a stanley knife, some string or rope and bird food.
Keep the lid on and cut a hole out of one side of the tub, start a few cm from the bottom and cut to about halfway up. Make the hole big enough for the bird to hop in, you could even poke a kebab stick through the tub as a perch. Put a hole through the lid and attach some string. Fill the bottom with bird seed and hang it on a tree. Just be sure to hang it where cats can’t reach.

Make an enrichment toy for your dog

Dogs love to get into all kinds of things, so keeping their brains occupied with an enrichment toy is always fun. Poke some treat sized holes in the tub and fill it with treats. Watch them roll it around and have fun trying to get all the treats out.
NB: This toy can be dangerous if the dog ingests plastic, so it is recommended to watch them the whole time. Also, be careful not to make sharp edges with the holes.

Reorganise your pantry

Having half full bags of rice, lentils and chia seeds can be annoying. Why not reuse your Nuzest tubs by filling them with dry pantry foods and sticking a label on the front. Is it just me or doesn’t it give you satisfaction to see all your food items in labeled jars?
When you run out, take the tubs to your nearest Bin Inn or bulk food store and fill it back up!
Following on from this, reorganise your laundry and fill the tubs with laundry powder and detergent. These things are also available from bulk bin stores.

Organise your workspace

Having an unorganised workspace can be quite unmotivating. If your workspace is messy then it could be affecting your head space. Wash out your Nuzest tubs, get creative by painting and decorating them, then store all your pens and pencils in there. Have kids? Get them involved and organise all their colouring pens and paints.

A place for toys

Do your kids have tons of Lego or small toys? Nuzest tubs are a great way to store them. If you don’t want them plain white, get the kids to paint or decorate them so they have an awesome storage place for their toys. We all know how kids are at cleaning up, but having a storage place that they created themselves could bring an excitement to packing up, somewhere special to keep their prized possessions.
Even better, if your kids are car fans you could arrange and glue the tubs on their side (like a wine rack) and they can have separate garages for their cars to fit in.

Keep the hubbies garage clear

Reuse the containers in the garage. Fill them with loose bits and bobs, label them and have a clean workspace. They are also great for smaller paint holders when you don’t want to lug around a large paint tin.

Compost bin

Create a starter compost with the kids. Gather some worms, add some scraps and watch the food turn to compost. Already have a compost, use the tub as a transition vessel for the scraps until you are ready to take it outside.

Upcycling Pot Plant

Create cute pot plants

Drill some holes in the bottom of the tub, fill it with soil and plant some herbs or succulents. Take it a step further and paint the tubs before adding plants. This is a great school holiday activity for the kids.

Go bowling

Have multiple tubs? Draw some faces on them and stack them up like a pyramid. Get the kids to throw balls at them and make a game out of how many you can knock over.

Reuse the tubs for more protein

If you have a tub, but you want to go big and buy the larger 2.5kg Athletes pack of protein, transferring protein out of the pouch into the tub can be much easier for day-to-day use and when you travel. The pouches are a great bulk buy but can be hard to store or use every day.

Reusing the scoops

Wash the scoops and put them in your other food jars, so they can act as their very own spoon and that means less dishes! They can also be a great digging tool for the kids in the sand.

The information provided in this article is intended for educational purposes only and is general advice. It should not, nor is it intended to be, relied on as a substitute for individual medical advice or care. If the contents of this, or any other of the blogs in this series raises any concerns or questions regarding your health, please consult a qualified healthcare practitioner.

Clean Lean Protein

From $4.75

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