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The Ultimate Athlete!


Want to push yourself to the limit, physically and mentally, and have fun at the same time? Come join the Ultimate Athlete events! 

We are super excited to be a part of these events!

Ultimate Athlete is Aotearoa's very own obstacle race series. Brought to you at beautiful beach locations.

Obstacle Course Racing is the fastest growing mass participation sport in the world, combining functional fitness and fun its easy to see why.

Their course is designed to challenge all fitness levels from kids through to pro athletes, with endurance and strength elements set over two distances. You can choose to go it on alone or with a team.

You'll run/walk, climb, swing, and crawl your way through this one-of-a-kind course that will push you to your limits through sand and over trails, you'll finish knowing...

You've got what it takes to be an Ultimate Athlete!!!!


Sign up to Ultimate Athlete to set yourself a fitness goal in 2022!

Mt Maunganui Beach - 21st May 2022

Orewa Beach, Hibiscus Coast - 3rd December 2022


Check out their websit for more information on the two amazing events coming up. 

Make sure you use our 20% OFF discount code when you sign up! 

Code: NUZEST20

This code will work for both the Mount and Orewa 2022 series. 


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