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Meet The Multivitamin You'll Actually Look Forward To Taking

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We are excited to launch our Good Green Vitality Multivitamin Bar – an all-in-one nutritional super-boost for busy people on the go.

  • Our flagship Good Green Vitality is now available in a convenient on-the-go bar
  • Plant-based and made from a base of superfoods, fruits, vegetables and nuts; fortified with a power-blend of essential nutrients.
  • The healthy snack bar contains 20+ essential vitamins and minerals to support all areas of health from immunity, digestion and gut health; to healthy ageing, energy and cognition.

Never before has health and wellbeing been so important, with people everywhere looking for new ways to stay healthy, happy and energised. In fact, recent reports have found that globally, the use of dietary supplements has been increasing, and is predicted to grow a further 8.6% annually, from 2021 – 2028.[i] In most countries, these sales have boomed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.[ii]
Our flagship product is Good Green Vitality – a superblend of essential vitamins, minerals and superfoods that supports all eleven body systems in one. Now they’ve packed this plant-based power blend into a handy pocket-sized bar.
A market first, Nuzest’s Good Green Vitality Bars contain 20+ vitamins and minerals, pre-and-probiotics, enzymes, adaptogens and a comprehensive range of superfoods to support all areas of health while you’re on the go. This includes; immunity, digestion, gut health, healthy ageing, energy, and cognition. It’s now even easier to make Good Green Vitality part of your daily routine. 
“While there’s no panacea for modern life, our nutritionally balanced Good Green Vitality Bars are a simple addition to your daily routine” said Trevor Bolland, founder and CEO.
Even with the best intentions and buying our groceries from the most reputable retailers, the modern-day food chain often doesn’t give us the nutrition we need for optimal health and vitality. Helping fill the nutritional gaps in the typical modern diet, our new Good Green Vitality Bars provide the nutritional support we need to thrive – from immunity-enhancing zinc, vitamin C and mushrooms to gut-protecting probiotics and energy-boosting B vitamins.
The Nuzest brand is centred on the belief that good nutrition is the foundation for great health. It’s what founder, Trevor Bolland, turned to when his daughter, Monique, was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at 22. What started as a father and daughter looking for answers is now a team of over 100 all over the world, formulating supportive nutrition for whatever life throws at you. A family-owned, Australian-based company, Nuzest produces the cleanest, most effective nutritional supplements on the market. All products are built on concrete science and efficacy, and formulated to improve people’s baseline health, resilience and vitality. The range is entirely vegan, all-natural and free from nasties.

[i] Source: Grand View Research, February 2021.
[ii] Source: Nutrients, December 2020.

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