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Garry Jones

Ambassador Athlete

I spent 22 years in the NZ Army and during that time I played every sport that was going, from racquet sports, contact sports, individual sports and team sports I think I have played them all at some time. When I left the Army I played and coached senior rugby through to Presidents grade. I first joined a gym in 2001 and took up body building, this was a very selfish sport and had too many political issues for me so I started looking around for something that would challenge me and keep me fit for my later years. My son in law introduced me to Crossfit and from there I joined Crossfit Manukau in 2011, in 2014 I opened up my own Crossfit box, Crossfit Taumata where I have been ever since. Crossfit and the people I have meet in the wider crossfit community have humbled and challenged me so many times, this is what makes me want more of it.


I am most passionate about getting the old and the young involved in the sport of fitness “crossfit”. If I can get the message out to people of my generation to get off the couch and get themselves fit through crossfit I would feel that I have put something back into the sport. I am also as equally passionate about getting our younger people into the sport and away from the social issues that plague them. This sport builds self-esteem, confidence, wellness and an awareness of ones ability to go the extra mile, these people are the future not just in crossfit but of our country.


If I am not at the box training or building something then I am usually fishing, diving or hunting. I love the outdoors life and the fact that crossfit enables me to carry on doing this without the thought of having to hold back because of injuries or just old age. 


I have been doing crossfit now for 10 years and I try and compete in as many competitions as I am able. Although I get a great sense of enjoyment competing as an individual, I love the fact that I can also compete in a team and share the rush that you get in a competition with other likeminded people. 


I have done a lot of things in my life but never really excelled at any of them, just a Jack of all trades. My most notable achievements to date would be in Crossfit, in 2012 I went to my first Crossfit Games and placed 3rd, in 2013 I went back to the games and placed 2nd, in 2014 I opened up Crossfit Taumata, 2015 I went back to the games and placed 4th, 2016 I qualified again but due to financial reasons declined the invite. I qualified again this year 2021 in the new 65+ age group but due to covid decide to decline the invite.


From 2016 until now I have been competing in Crossfit competitions here in NZ and also in Australia at the Pan Pacific Masters in the Gold Coast where I have won my age division four times.


I am honored to have been selected as an ambassador for Nuzest and value what they do for athletes and the general public by way of their awesome plant-based products.


October 2021.