The Journey of a Wellness Warrior

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When Makaia Carr tried clean eating to shed some extra kilos for a friend’s wedding in Rarotonga, she had no idea where the journey would take her.  Three years later she is definitely a woman on a mission. According to Makaia, her initial commitment to weight loss brought home a much bigger message: one that fundamentally affected her life and the lives of those around her.

Motivate Me

“When a woman prioritises her own health, she becomes the best version of herself.  This benefits everyone in her life.  Women have such a big influence over other people: husbands, children, workmates and friends.  I was so motivated by the change that I saw in my own life that I naturally wanted to share it with others.”

Makaia began to post about her experiences on social media and within weeks her page received thousands of Likes.  That was the starting point for a new business called Motivate Me NZ – an exclusive online support network for women, offering an introduction to clean eating, recipes and ideas, fitness sessions, encouragement and advice.

The Motivate Me NZ Facebook page now has over 38,000 followers and more than 1000 women have gone through Makaia’s programme.  There are currently almost 800 active members in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, the UK, America and counting.

Support Network

Motivate Me is all about a change of outlook for women.  Makaia shares her own approach, offering recipes, encouragement and a strong support network: but it is up to the individual women to make it work in their own lives.

“Everyone has different needs, budgets and constraints.  I find that when women work through the programme and figure out to incorporate it in their own lives, they show more long-term commitment than they would if we prescribed daily meal plans.”

Good Nutrition and NuZest

Makaia also recommends products that have helped her personally and NuZest has been part of her success story from the start.  Feedback on the health benefits of Good Green Stuff and Clean Lean Protein have come from hundreds of members.

– “Love the Good Green Stuff as it’s a great way to get micro nutrients in easily”

– “I love Clean Lean Protein as it has no additives.  It’s the first one I’ve ever used that agrees with me!”

– “I love the taste of the GGS – especially when compared to other green powders which usually taste revolting. It is expensive but that’s because it is amazing with its list of ingredients and it tastes good even just stirred into water.”

– “I use Clean Lean Protein – love that it’s so easy to make.  It tastes really good and it’s also dairy-free: which is my main thing.”

Makaia uses Good Green Stuff in smoothies for an extra shot of nutrients and feels the difference in her energy levels.  “It’s all good stuff without any additives.  It’s important to me to have complete confidence in the food I put in my body – and my children’s bodies.  With NuZest products I know that the ingredients are clean.”

What’s Next?

So what’s next for Makaia Carr?  Having just given up her day job, Makaia is now working full-time on Motivate Me.  The business is about to celebrate its second birthday with a party in Wellington and Makaia is busy working in between speaking engagements.  There are clearly good things to come but for now plans are under wraps.

“I want to continue developing a community focused on women’s well-being: providing tools, knowledge, resources and an environment where women can become the best versions of themselves.  I’ve had such a positive response from day one: I can’t wait to see where this journey will take me.”