Sports nutrition, rehab and recovery with Maria Folau

International netballer, Maria Folau talks to Nuzest about sports nutrition, rehab and recovery – and coping with the greatest demand of all…

“I decided that I wanted to be an international netball player when I was eight years old.  Seeing my idols like Irene van Dyk – I wanted to be exactly like her. Every day I feel like I’m competing – even if it’s a recovery day, I’m still competing. Time is the greatest demand.”

Maria talks about how she tackles recovery, rehab, nutrition and hydration to stay at the top of her game:  “I’m very particular about what I put in my body.  In the past, I’ve tried a lot of different products – you always hear things like, this product’s good, but you never really know.  But the change that I’ve noticed with Good Green Stuff and Clean Lean Protein is that my body recovers a lot quicker than it used to.  I love the fact that all their products are based on real food, so they’ve got a lot of nutrients and vitamins and minerals that are extremely important, not just being an athlete but being human.”

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